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wasabi butt-plugButt-plugs became boring? Just use wasabi as a lubricant. Insert, enjoy, remove, add more wasabi, repeat until enlightening. You may want to tie yourself up at some point, and, most likely, put on your favourite chastity belt and a gag (in advance) ;P

Bad Boy prostate massager (butt-plug vibrator) review

Bad Boy prostate massager vibrator in a condomClick on the image to see the review of the Bad Boy prostate massager (aka butt-plug vibrator, aka P-spot stimulator, aka male G-spot activator).

Any ideas on how to hold it in place?

Business Trip. Day 3

(See Day 1 and Day 2)

Still no luck with the ice-lock. I put on the balcony for the night (there was -3) and then in the fridge (right on the ice) for the day. Checked in the evening – water. Leaving it for another night made no sense (+3), but I simply forgot it outside. I hope nobody found it ;-)

Since I had no time lock I had to choose another method. Crawling and difficult release. And I dropped a knife in the corridor.

“What now?” That took me quite a while. I dropped everything I took with me on the bed (the stuff covered it all). Still no ideas… Eventually, after multiple picking up one thing after another, at 3AM in the morning I decided on the plan for the night.

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