“Self-bondage peril. Part II” by Akabane85

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She never wanted her secret to be exposed to others, the only option left was to hide before the girl would found her. She looked around, but she couldn’t find anything she could crawl behind or under … except her locker. Even though the locker was very small, it wasn’t impossible for her to get in. Sunny had tried to fit herself into the locker before and she could fit in with some effort, but the space was quite tight for her petite size.

Just before crawling into the locker, Sunny tried to grab the controller again, but her hands squeezed by the mitten could not pick up anything, and she decided to swipe it to the shadow hoping that no one could find it. The footsteps were getting closer, and Sunny had no time to waste. Entering with her back first, she managed to slide into the locker and close the locker door with her foot. That was not easy, but the moment the door was closed, she knew she was safe.

Before she was relieved, the vibrator sprang to live pushing Sunny to the edge, but Sunny knew this was not the time. She heard the girl’s footsteps somewhere near. But the vibrator wasn’t giving up and the vibration on her privates were steadily increasing, trying to bring her over the edge. She bit the ball-gag down with all her might to prevent her from making any noise to alert the girl, and at the same time gripping the door with her toes to make sure it remain shut. Finally, with the intense vibration coupled with her adrenaline level, the vibrator successfully pushed Sunny over the edge, and she lost all her senses in waves of pleasure…

At the same moment, the girl noticed the controller light in the dimly lit room. She picked up the controller along with keys and the padlock. She looked around, found no one in the room, but noticed that one of the locker was not locked.

‘Seems like someone forgot to lock her locker and carelessly left the key here.’ She thought and decided to help the careless girl. A dull thump followed by a click sound, the locker latch for locker door was locked with a padlock, trapping Sunny inside the cramped tiny space. But Sunny was lost in waves of pleasure at the moment and was not aware of what was happening around her. All she could do was biting down the ball hard and gripping the door with her toes so that the girl outside would never notice her existence. Little did she know that her freedom was cruelly taken away by some unintended anonymous.

The girl decided to keep the keys along with the zipperbot controller with her and left a note on the locker door with her contacts listed for the careless locker owner to retrieve the keys and controller from her. After making sure that the light is turned off and door is properly closed, the girl took the keys, controller and Sunny’s freedom back to her home, never knowing that she had just trapped a poor girl in a tiny metal prison with no way to escape…

For not knowing how long, Sunny woke up with aches all over her body. She believed that she had been kept in this cramped position with her elbows cruelly pulled together by the armbinder for quite a long. The vibrator was vibrating slowly at the moment and it seemed like it was just about to start another wave of intense vibration.

‘Wow… Perhaps this was the most intense experience I ever had. Luckily I was not caught by others. Anyway its time to leave now.’ She thought.

Through the tiny gap on the door, she figured out that the room was totally dark, and seemed empty. She tried to push the door with her feet, but the door was not moving. She tried to push again with more force, but the door was not moving. Sunny panicked. She tried to kick the door within the allowed space but her efforts were fruitless, and the door did not even budge, but she could hear some dull sound as if some metals parts were colliding. She realised that someone must have locked the latch of the door with a padlock, sealing her inside this tiny metal prison. In fear Sunny kicked the door furiously and shouted behind her gag, but with her current predicament she could hardly alert anyone inside the locker room, let alone outside it. Sunny struggled with all her might, frantically bouncing off the locker walls, trying to loosen the single-glove, but she never buy cheap things, the armbinder held her easily. Sunny lost all her hopes… She is trapped here until someone finds her. Probably the one with her keys and controller. But at the same time, deep inside her heart, she was a little excited when she knew that her freedom is in the hands of someone else.

Suddenly the vibrator kicked in again and if Sunny’s first orgasm was a tornado, this one was a full-on hurricane. Sunny was thrown so deep into orgasm, so she started to lose her senses of reality, and her fear. She just hoped that her safety net would find her next morning…

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