Business Trip. Day 2

(See Day 1)

After a long day (the “boring bit”, as MadJack mentioned) the fun part began!

I decided to make some photos of my first ever zentai suit. I tried it on only once when it arrived and immediately broke the zipper. Despite the label showing the correct size, it appeared to be one (or two?) size smaller. I’ve no idea if this is how the sizes are interpreted by the manufacturer or it was mistake, but I broke the zipper when the suit was already tightly hugging my entire body.

And guess what? The suit was not going to come off! The slider stuck in such a position that the suit could not be removed! That sounds like fun and all the discussions about the lockable clothes, clothes you can not take off, unintentional bondage, etc came to my mind, but I was only going to try the suit on and did not set up my photo camera 😉

And after a long period (mmm… since last August) I was going to try again with the camera switched on and plugged into the laptop.

I will post the photo session (it will be called Session 51), but just to tease you a little bit and to make some notes so I will not forget later.

Part I

1st layer: latex briefs with built-in long thin butt-plug, pantyhose on legs, pantyhose on arms, pantyhose hood with built-in gag.

2nd layer: shiny blue zentai suit.

Plus corset to decrease the tension on the zipper.

So far so good.

Part II

3d layer. Big tight blue fishnet tube. It’s like a 3m stocking but with both ends open.

Since I practically could not see anything (the coated material the zentai suit is made out does not allow much light through) I did not notice that the tube is doubled, but that did not ruin the fun. Getting in was quite difficult since the suit is too tight and I was afraid to break the zipper again. Yeah, and the corset did not help either.

Part III

Here’s when the bondage (self-bondage to be precise) kicked in. I added a posture collar, bound my ankles and looped a rope between a steel ring in the ankle rope and a D-ring in the collar, thus hog-tying myself. I “emulated” bound wrists with a large coil of rope, but not for long because the very strenuous position did not allow me to breath freely: very big gag, pantyhose layer, tight zentai layer, tight collar, corset and arched position almost completely blocked my nose, mouth and chest.

Part IV

4th layer. Swimsuit, lycra bike-short.

More bondage. I added a crotch rope, bound legs above the knees and used the lycra shorts as a single-glove.

After some time my left hand decided to fall asleep, so I got out of the single-glove (with efforts) and moved to:

Part V

Connected a rope with a noose on one end through the ring in the ankle rope to the front of the crotch rope.

Tied the fish-net tube above my head (so I was completely enclosed inside the “stocking” tied shut at both ends).

Tied my hands behind the back with a loose rope loop and cynched with the noose rope. The noose was not the “hang-man” one and could be easily undone, so I thought that I could undo the bonds without a knife (but the knife was not far away, just in case).

I was wrong. After a couple of hours of being encased in 4 layers, tightly gagged and bound I decided to get out.

But I could not free up my hands. Even a simple noose and a bunch of rope looped and twisted around the wrists could make the bondage inescapable. I could use the knife, but remember the fishnet tube? I did not want to ruin it and kept trying. After some time I managed to take one thread (one loop out of about 6) off each hand. Theoretically that should make the total bunch looser, but the noose bit into the soft rope and did not allow the rope to move inside.

After a long time I managed to shift the pressure to the narrowest part of my right wrist, thus winning some space for the left, pulled hard and … done!

That was really difficult. Take into account that it was not intended. (I cannot escape the correctly made wrist loop and cinch noose.)

Part VI

The hands are free and I was ready to have some more sleep.

Part VII

The lycra shorts were still hanging around my neck. I shoved my arm into the shorts behind my back but not through the leg opening. I left them in the shorts pointing a bit upwards. Something like the classic Japanese style.


I had only a couple of hours left, so I undressed put on pantyhose and a leotard with long sleeves and fell asleep.

PS: About the zentai suit. Both sliders are broken and the shiny coating came off at multiple locations. Cheap is cheap. Will buy something real next time.

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