Business Trip. Day 1.

So, I’m on a business trip. What does that mean? Less Internet access, but more time to play alone. Almost half of my luggage consists of pantyhose, swimsuits, zentai, hoods, gags, plugs, rope, chains, cuffs and collars. No heavy latex, because there is no space and time to properly wash and dry the rubber. So, mostly lycra.

I didn’t have much energy yesterday, and went to bed just fully encased in two sheer pantyhose on legs, pantyhose on hands, pantyhose on head and hands and a swimsuit (see also the pajamas article). That’s it. No bondage. Yet.

Unfortunately, I could not find any big pantyhose to try out MadJack’s encasement technique. The biggest size I have is 5 and it’s still not big enough. Probably they need some time to “break-in”?

I even took the ice-padlock with me. But neither the fridge inside or the weather outside are strong enough to freeze the water within reasonable time. I might try to leave the padlock somewhere in the mountains for a day and pick it up in the evening. Might work, actually…

6 thoughts on “Business Trip. Day 1.”

  1. The joys of travel without the worries of a random stop and search! 4 years ago I would (and did!) travel with a similar bag of delights. Stricter security now makes me very nervous about carrying such items – do you fancy explaining, to an machine gun totting British policeman, why your bag if full of rope and latex? Really… ? That’s why I pack the pantyhose, solving dressing & bondage in one go 🙂
    Well done Ra for being brave enough to follow your belief – can’t wait to see how your trip worked out (after the boring business bit!)


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