Relaxation rooms and office bondage

If you haven’t already got a relaxation room at work you may have heard about them. A quiet room with a soft chair or a coach where you can privately (some suggest, that the room should be used by one person at a time) relax, meditate or simply sleep.

Great idea, nothing new hear, but I thought… The room can accommodate more people. And to prevent “the mutual interference” and to squeeze the “personal private space” down to the required dimensions there is a simple solution – bondage!

Quick, neat and effective bondage with gags, blindfolds and ear mufflers and several office co-workers can enjoy the solitude of their own inner space, release the accumulated tension and aggression or simply sleep. Strategically placed vibrators can help alleviate tense muscles or work load frustrations.

Bondage assistants will quickly restrain you in your favourite position or offer something new like a hogtie suspension to achieve the ultimate freedom.

Looks like a good idea, huh? ;-P

3 thoughts on “Relaxation rooms and office bondage”

  1. We have ‘breakout rooms’, they’re a disaster. In practice they most likely have someone holding a meeting in them as there’s nowhere else to go for any privacy since we all went open-plan.
    So you can’t make a cup of tea without interrupting and getting the evols (as would Vicky Pollard would say).

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