Business Trip. Day 5

If you had to drive for 8 hours, what would you wear? Support tights no doubts. I was wearing Oroblu ExCell 40 (dark blue) all 5 days. They are way too far from being a compression type garment but still one of the best pantyhose I’ve ever worn.

OK, what else? Mmm… something to support the pantyhose. A water-polo swimsuit! Sure, good choice, swimsuit and pantyhose always go together. Fabulous look but still nothing special.

Pantyhose on arms! Yeah, that’s better. Since driving @200km/h (hey, that’s Germany we are talking about!) while wearing slippery nylon over your fingers cannot be considered safe, I put on the Kunert skin-colored shiny pantyhose (I used during my Day 2 zentai adventure) with slits in the reinforced toe area I could pull my hands through. Or pull the pantyhose legs all the way down to completely cover my hands.

But something was still missing…

Latex briefs with long thin plug. Once put on under pantyhose, swimsuit and jeans that piece of garment could not be removed without full undressing I did not plan for. Have you ever worn a butt-plug (or a dildo or something like that or both if you’re a woman) during your all day activities? It gives you very interesting sensations when you walk, sit in a soft chair, ride a bike or climbing upstairs. (BTW, that was the first time I was wearing different butt-plugs during 3 days non-stop). Insertables do keep you interested in moving.

OK, let’s recap. This is how I was dressed:

  • latex briefs with built-in plug
  • 2x pantyhose (legs, arms)
  • swimsuit
  • t-shirt with short sleeves (with long pantyhose sleeves 😉
  • jeans
  • fleece jacket

The pantyhose sleeves were a bit visible under the jacket sleeves, and if I had to take the jacket off – my pantyhosed arms would be in full view. Actually, the jacket slid off my shoulder once I was in Galeria Kaufhof.

But that was not all for the day. After enjoying a lunch I went to Planeta Sport (in the centre of Frankfurt). And what a surprise! Neoprene swimsuits! Almost like here. How could I miss the opportunity to try them on? I grabbed 2 women’s and one men’s suit and went to the fitting room.

The swimsuits did not disappoint. At least one size smaller they worked like corsets. And the look in the mirror was what I would like to see on the streets: plugged, almost encased in pantyhose and very tight rubber swimsuit.

One drawback – the velcro strap (to hold the zipper with pulling cord closed) snagged and laddered everything it could get to. Velcros and pantyhose do not mix. I wonder if the the nasty things can easily be removed without loosing the functionality.

I did not buy the swimsuit, but I think it was a good beginning. Next time I will check Decathlon. I want the suit!

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  1. Oh my! Driving with all that ” into” you. Must be an incredible feeling!!!!! Can’t stop imaging that just for me!

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