Green pantyhose and water-polo swimsuit

seidenglanz_20_02Today my wife and I decided to wear the same pantyhose Desirée Seidenglanz 20 colour Tundra (on the photo). I think this brand is known in Germany only, and probably made for Karstadt only. I bought them because of the dark deep emerald green colour (inside the package) and low price (€4.50). Unfortunately in reality the colour is far from the “luxury expectations” and close to awful. Also the colour is very dependable from the lighting. For example, the green is barely visible on the photo.

Green pantyhoseApart from the colour, Desirée Seidenglanz 20 pantyhose are quite comfortable. Here you can find the (German) pantyhose test results (a bit higher than average).
But there was something else what saved the day. The water-polo swimsuit which I was wearing on top of the pantyhose. Very tight it was keeping me in the proper mood and a good shape and pantyhose in the proper place. That was the first time I was wearing the suit for 17 hours. The feelings were quite different from the suit I had on during the last several days (a link to the suit description to be added). The water-polo one felt like a G-string tie (part I) with a collar. So it’s a very good addition to the Spice It Up section.

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