I bought this swimsuit

Lycra water-polo Speedo swimsuitSpeedo water-polo hydrasuit. Two months ago actually. In Karstadt in Frankfurt. Very tight. Zipper. Flat seams. Slightly shimmering. 20% elastane. VERY comfortable, despite it’s a couple of sizes smaller. Zipping up is a bit difficult, though.

I would say it’s a lycra version of this one

6 thoughts on “I bought this swimsuit”

  1. Hi freenours,

    Do you mean this one (see at the very bottom)? The cut-outs are a quite high, I’m not sure if it’s suitable for a man. Though, I’ve got a Wolford String Body which fits me perfectly.
    Regarding Germans speaking English. This statement is a bit overstated, but I understand a bit of written German (speaking is another story, gonna take lessons this autumn 🙂


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