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Self-bondage tales

self-bondage selfbondage bondage stories tales sessions

There is a saying: "Every joke contains a bit of a joke". The same can be said about bondage, self-bondage and other various stories. Some of them are said to be true, but... "Crocodiles can not fly". But still, even if it's a completely fictional absolutely unreal story, you can always get something useful out of it. Unusual technique, clothing idea or inspiration.

I have read lots of such stories since 1993 when I got access to the Internet for the first time. Where are they now? So I decided to make a collection of what I could find here. The real stories can be found here.

Self-Bondage Tales
Laesskers self-bondage experienceDebbie and BonnieSelf-Bondage in the Woods
Almost caughtSlaved to the machine3D comics The Pain Program
Bondage Confidential comix. Part I

Ben63376's Selfbondage Tales
Erica's self-bondageJenn's predicamentJess' mistake
Part I. The packagePart II. The gagPart III. The service
Part IV: The encasementPart V: the realityPart VI: YOU WHAT?

Self-Bondage Manga
Ayami-chan jibaku! (Japanese)Ayami-chan jibaku! (English)Jibaku No Koi - The romance of self-bondage (Japanese)
Jibaku No Koi - The romance of self-bondage (English)Self-bondage in the toiletSelf-bondage princess - manga by Sumomo-dou

Bob Masters' corner
The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 1. InitiationThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 2. Max’s PartyThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 3. Rubber Boy
The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 4. Homeward BoundThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 5. The Addiction BitesThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 6. Into the Abyss
The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 7. The Slippery SlopeThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 8. Nightmares or dreams?The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 9. Dancing in the Pain
The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 10: A Hell of a BetThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 11: Day-by-Day, On The Road to HellThe Rubber Trigger - Chapter 12: Slavery and Debauchery
The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 13: The end in sight?The Rubber Trigger - Chapter 14: Onward and upwards

The adventures of Terri and Jennifer
Chapters 1-6Chapters 7-14Chapters 15-21
Chapters 22-27Chapters 28-32Chapters 33-41
Chapters 42-47Chapters 48-54Chapters 55-60
Chapters 61-69Chapters 70-77Chapters 78-85

Bondage Tales
Pants with hood (suckpants)The Perils of Batgirl. Part IThe Perils of Batgirl. Part II

Adventures in Rubber
Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3
Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Nana to Kaoru - fetish and bondage manga
Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3
Chapter 4. Why do we like bondage?Chapter 5. Strong wishes do materialize and kids’ fetish dreamsChapter 6. Inner and outer bondage
Chapter 7. Inner bondage vs outer bondageChapter 8. Breaking through the inner bondage. Wearing pantyhose in publicChapter 9. Breaking through the inner bondage. Wearing pantyhose in public
Chapter 10. Inner bondage and finding a partnerChapter 11. We, our fetishes and our partnersChapter 12. Fetish, bondage and natural progress
Chapter 13. How to keep your partner interestedChapter 14. Having fun and men vs women againChapter 15. Kids and body awareness
Chapter 16. SissybossChapter 17. B, (D), S&M and sportChapter 18. Gags
Chapter 19. Fetish, bondage, dogmas and prejudiceChapter 20. Bondage, self-bondage, trust and responsibilityChapter 21. What real bondage and self-bondage are
Chapter 22. Mud-walking and bodily fluidsChapter 23. More naked than bareChapter 24. Fetish clothes and embarrassing moments
Chapter 25. Incentives, pretexts and excusesChapter 26. Incentives and neighboursChapter 27. What does you partner want?
Chapter 28. Expecting unexpected and randomness in selfbondage and bondage sessionsChapter 29. Dangerous practice, paedophilia and manipulationsChapter 30. Bondage and math or relax and enjoy
Chapter 31. Home aloneChapter 32. Bondage without DSMChapter 33. Fetish and bondage New Year
Chapter 34. Hidden bondage and self-bondage or Spice-it-upChapter 35. Why are they looking at me?Chapter 36. Bondage and self-bondage friends
Chapter 37. Did you have to quickly hide your fetish/bondage toys/clothes?Chapter 38. How close are bondage and sex?Chapter 39. Do you speak to each other?
Chapter 40. Beauty, fetishism and psychological typesChapter 41. Bondage can be usefulChapter 42. Clothes you can not put on
Chapter 43. Buying presents. Part IChapter 44. Buying presents. Part IIChapter 45. Anal play and toilet etiquette
Chapter 46. Anal/oral play and doctorsChapter 47. Anal play and other scary thingsChapter 48. Just lube it up!
Chapter 49. Back to taboosChapter 50. Just relax and it will go inChapter 51. How did you discover butt-plugs?
Chapter 52. Back to Mr. FreudChapter 53. Crossdressed and bound for the stageChapter 54. What are your breathers?
Chapter 55. Sometimes you need to speak to someoneChapter 56. Self-bondage and testing, DSM and inferiority complexesChapter 57. Anticipations vs Expectations
Chapter 58. CuriosityChapter 59. DespairChapter 60. Shaking flesh
Chapter 61. Over the top and secret desires

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