One of the self-bondage dreams may come true – Zipperbot

ZipperbotFor years self-bondagers have been looking for a device that can zip and unzip bondage sacks, single-gloves, and various bondage suits at the specified time. For example, if your arms are bound behind your back inside a zipped up tight latex bag, you will not be able to get out without external help. Another example is single gloves. Even if you manage to get in and zip it shut, getting out is very tricky and in most cases impossible.

I seriously doubt that MIT’s Personal Robots Group had self-bondage in mind when they were creating their Zipperbot. Officially (but.. .who knows… right?), the Sartorial Robotics efforts are about fashion, people with disabilities, automatic assembling/disassembling, and (something I do not quite understand) “human-robot social interaction”.

Possibly the latter is shown on the picture with a dress. Imagine that the slit opens and closes up at certain moments 😀

Anyway, we know that it’s all about that bass. Errrm.. I mean, self-bondage 😉

12 thoughts on “One of the self-bondage dreams may come true – Zipperbot”

  1. Verry nice device! But i think there is one Big Problem:
    most time you use a Zip in bondage it is under tension!
    i don´t believe that this Little Motor is abel to close a Zip under tension. Ok, let´s say it can…..would you trust that it can open the Zip again. So Ra, i am sad to say this but i think Dream on….

  2. Actually, unzipping zips that are under tension is easier. Closing is, obviously, not 😉

    Not all bondage zips are under tension.Of course, we want everything overly tight, and in this case even having a helping person not always helps, but sometimes the “tricky” zips are quite loose, we just can’t zip/unzip them because of their location or because our hands are tied up 😉

  3. I want one… either way it would make bondage much easier, im not always about tight, im more about restriction of movement. in autism restraint even if not tight is better than nothing.

  4. So, if it doesn’t have enough torque as is, make it twice as big and add a little gear reduction and it should work even against tension.

  5. Looking at this zipper-bot again. Found a problem.
    The zipper needs to be somewhat flat for the bot to work.
    If there is a kink somewhere, then the bot can jam.

  6. Did I Acadentally post the smem thing twice? If i did, Im sorry.

  7. What they meant by Human robot social interaction is this: It will learn code words or hear your voice to work. Just a theory. I did get one btw. It works under small amounts of tension and beeps at you when it jams or cannot move.

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