“Why is this turning me on so much?”

Indeed, why am I turning on so much when I hear an idiom: “out of the blue”? In this case the answer is very simple – the reason is the drawing on the left. For some reason (erection in transparent pantyhose? high heels with ankle straps? mini-dress? a cute “girl”? I can easily imagine myself in this situation? all together? ) I found this picture so exciting that my perverted brain picked up the most “standing out” expression out of the text. And whenever I hear or see it, it gives me goosebumps and a twitch in my sheer shiny pantyhose ;-P

Have you got such triggers? Let us now!

See the full story below (or on the picture) and the following related forum threads:

crossdressing boy in pantyhose, mini dress and high heelsRecently I started modelling in order to get some pocket money. After a strange turn of events I began to work as a crossdresser.

Even though the costume I was wearing was different from what I used to wear, I had no problems in particular and after finishing the shoot I finally could be freed from female clothing.

I returned to the waiting room and almost started changing when I noticed that my clothes were missing…

I tried my best to find my clothes, but to no avail. Sighing, I sat in a chair while still wearing that dress. When I did that… I heard:

“A face like that does not suit you”

and a handsome guy I did not now started kissing me out of the blue!

I just crossdress from time to time! I’m a man! I don’t think it’s right to do things like this with another man in the first place. It’s not supposed to be this way, but why…

Why is this turning me on so much?

By the way, you can consider this story as a bondage story. The boy can’t take the sexy women’s clothes off, but he’s not wearing any lockable clothes. Be naked or stay in heels, pantyhose and mini-dress. And yes, better keep the make-up on, or everybody will see that you’re a boy and not a girl.