Delivery time or vicis est viaticus Part III

@#$%$%^ happens from time to time, I know. And I can understand that. And I do not even complain about such things, because I know the usual reasons. I know all the variables and possible faults. But it’s still sooooo frustrating. All your efforts to no avail. You plan for weeks, you work round the clock to make it happen, you invent, create and deliver, your imagination is boiling, but ….

… the order is not ready to be sent yet. Yes, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks. Yes, 8 weeks have already passed. We will ship next week.

But I can’t wait one more week! I must have the ordered stuff before the end of this week to be able to use it next week!

You’ve guessed, right? :-\

3 thoughts on “Delivery time or vicis est viaticus Part III”

  1. I know how you feel, I ordered something in the Libidex ‘Valentines Day’ sale and it’s yet to arrive. That said, I was warned it might take up to eight weeks to make so I have no cause for complaint yet. But it’s frustrating…

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