Women and fetish art. Part II. Fetish paintings by Jindra Noewi

fetish painting red latex stockings glovesSee Part I.

I wouldn’t make a big mistake if I say that 95% of fetish photography and fetish art is made by men. There are exceptions, of course, but I still think that they fall within those 5%. We got used to see females as models for male artists and photographers. We got used to see fetish attire worn by females.

We got used to think that (unlike birds and animals!) it’s females who are supposed to attract males by bright feathers. Yes, contrary to the mother nature.

But let’s begin with the first part. Jindra Noewi is a Czech artist. She began to draw when she was two and a magazine for the kids published her drawing. No, nothing fetish related yet 😉 But hang on. Just like my wife she studied fashion design, and I know (I’ve seen it!) that they draw a lot, and we know (we see it!) that fashion and fetish go hand in hand.

OK, enough words. See some paintings below. You can buy and see more of her works here.

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