See Part I, Part II, Part III.

Well, being normal and non-deviant (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women), considering only vanilla heterosexual non-perversive thoughts, work and train regularly does not always bring the expected results.

Let’s see. 15 minutes cumulatively spent with a girl (at work and in a big company) virtually drove me mad (see Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession) and paralysed my socially useful activity for days. It took me more than a week to recover and recollect myself (I haven’t seen any new photos or spoken with her yet, so, who knows …).

Not without a help from another girl who blown me away a decade ago. In that case, it took me a whole year to stop banging my head against a wall. After 10 years I can finally calmly look at her photos and even speak with her on the phone. We are good friends. So… She appeared a couple of days ago and managed to distract me from my new addiction. On-line chat is a very good distracting time killer.

On the training I fell several times down on the same knee and pulled a muscle in my hip, so I will have to stay at home for several days without any physical activity.

Nah, I’d better back to perversions like Latex penis sheath, built-in sheaths, cocks in latex sheaths and Ah-Gu‘s (阿★凡) art. These things are definitely less painful, harmless and eventually bring more pleasure…

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