Bondage art by Ah-Gu. Part IV. Deviant medicine for normal frustrations

See Part I, Part II, Part III.

Well, being normal and non-deviant (see Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women), considering only vanilla heterosexual non-perversive thoughts, work and train regularly does not always bring the expected results.

Let’s see. 15 minutes cumulatively spent with a girl (at work and in a big company) virtually drove me mad (see Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession) and paralysed my socially useful activity for days. It took me more than a week to recover and recollect myself (I haven’t seen any new photos or spoken with her yet, so, who knows …).

Not without a help from another girl who blown me away a decade ago. In that case, it took me a whole year to stop banging my head against a wall. After 10 years I can finally calmly look at her photos and even speak with her on the phone. We are good friends. So… She appeared a couple of days ago and managed to distract me from my new addiction. On-line chat is a very good distracting time killer.

On the training I fell several times down on the same knee and pulled a muscle in my hip, so I will have to stay at home for several days without any physical activity.

Nah, I’d better back to perversions like Latex penis sheath, built-in sheaths, cocks in latex sheaths and Ah-Gu‘s (阿★凡) art. These things are definitely less painful, harmless and eventually bring more pleasure…

See 16 drawings below.

19 thoughts on “Bondage art by Ah-Gu. Part IV. Deviant medicine for normal frustrations”

  1. I’m not usually one to judge but those pics are seriously disturbing. I really hate them >:(

  2. culmor ” wrote:

    I really hate them

    I know, I know, it’s not the first time you “like” Ah-Gu’s stuff.

    I’ll try to explain.

    o- A picture “works” for me if I can imagine myself in the same situation, would like to be in the same situation, can feel myself in the same situation.

    o- The guy chose a baby-doll appearance regardless subject of the stories. When I was a kid I dreamed about these clothes, about being bound in these clothes. Something I could only dream about. I still remember the frustration – nothing was even remotely possible. No swimsuits, no latex, no bondage…

    o- Have you noticed that there are no distinct adults depicted? This is how the mind of a kid works. A kid begins with auto-erotic explorations. Others appear much later, around the age of consent.

    But some “auto-erotic” moments remain. For example, my phallophilia knows no real humans, the real humans only disturb.

    I’m going to post about these things, but need time to properly formulate.

    o- The guy has a style

    o- The guy knows the subject

    In a nutshell, I see myself there.

    I hope I could explain a bit.

  3. culmor ” wrote:

    I’m not usually one to judge but those pics are seriously disturbing. I really hate them >:(

    Yup – me too. Unhappy to see these 🙁


  4. I most certainly do find these pics interesting, always had a fascination on the subject of children and latex clothing. Don’t have an interest in bondage, but as long as it’s not depicted as harmful or painful, it’s all good!

  5. I…always had a fascination on the subject of children and latex clothing

    I’d regard it as my duty to report you to the authorities if I knew who you were. I’m growing seriously concerned about this site. Whatever consenting adults get up to in private is fine by me but don’t drag kids into it.

  6. culmor ” wrote:

    Whatever consenting adults get up to in private is fine by me but don’t drag kids into it.

    Absolutely. And I think I have finally formulated how to explain why. Time for another serious post.

  7. culmor ” wrote:

    I’d regard it as my duty to report you to the authorities if I knew who you were.

    And this would not be correct, because no child sexual abuse has been committed. We are free to fantasize about anything, draw anything, and even masturbate on anything BUT! No real kids must be around or involved and no real harm should be done to others.

    See also the following posts:

  8. I think they are worthwhile to post. LikeRa hit the nail on the head with his explanation of adolesent fetishism. Having been appearantly kinky from birth i think back about some of my first fetish memories, long before I even had a clue what sex or even masturbation was and It was always just me. I treat pictures the same as erotic stories, I like them if I can also see myself being there. Some of the best erotic kink stories I’ve read were on the old “lolita bondage” page of’s website which has been shut down because some self-rightious weiner was sticking their nose where it didn’t need to be, the realm of adult fantasy.

  9. Oh, the pic above with the bound adolescent in front of the fireplace just flat out did it for me. My #1 fetish (an odd one apparently) is heat. Warm and hot objects have such a huge sexual association for me. Bondage, latex, and a very hot room in front of a fire is just about haven for me. Now just throw a gasmask and some electricity there and I’m going to end up pile of goo. Sorry for previous post misspellings.

  10. Culmor, are you actually serious? You’d report me to the authorities for having a fascination… a mere fantasy regarding kids in latex clothing? What authority would that be, the thought police? Seriously now, while it’s generally fetish related, when it all comes down to it, latex is just a material. There are halloween and dance costumes for children made out of vinyl/pvc, which is also considered a fetish material. Knowing this, do you plan on reporting the costume designers to the authorities as well? This is ridiculous…

  11. I have no idea what the laws in continental Europe are but in the UK having indecent ‘pseudo-images’ of children on your computer is treated exactly the same as having real photos. It’s punishable by 10 years imprisonment under Section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978.

  12. In most countries (e.g. US, NL, RU, JP) drawings are not considered as child porno.

    AU and CA “have laws banning cartoon, manga or written child pornography and others require ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to monitor internet traffic to detect it”.

  13. I looked at the link as you asked…

    The Law
    Possession of Prohibited Images of children

    Section 62 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (“the Act”) creates a new offence of possession of a prohibited image of a child, punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment. This offence, came into force on the 6 April 2010 it is not retrospective and requires the DPP’s consent…

    The offence is targeted at non-photographic images (this includes computer generated images (CGI’s and drawings) and therefore specifically excludes indecent photographs, or pseudo-photographs of children, as well as tracings or derivatives of photographs and pseudo-photographs.

    OK, so you only get three years in jail for it, not ten. If you really fancy doing three years in jail as a nonce feel free to post and I’ll feel free to shop you. And when you’re kept in solitary confinement ‘for your own safety’, your food is spat and crapped in with the connivance of the guards and you still get a regular beating because child abusers are the lowest of the low in prison society don’t come bleating to me.

    I like this site very much but loathe the idea of ‘LikeRa’s naughty forum, now with added naughty pics of kids’.

  14. First of all, I still do not think I’m doing anything wrong (and it’s not against the law of all involved countries – NL, US).

    Second, I do not see any image that meets this mandatory criterion: “2) That the image is grossly offensive or disgusting”.

    Third, as I said many times, usually I do not care about the age or sex of the depicted person, as long as if it’s not against the law and meets my aesthetic or artistic criteria. About this particular series – read my comments.

    Fourth, I do not get turned on by kids.

    Fifth, I like discussing dangerous themes, because you MUST know how to discuss them. It’s a part of education.

    Sixth, if possessing such images is considering illegal (and I still doubt it) – do not save them on your local disk.

    Seventh, I prefer to have people discuss and exchange drawings, then let them try to find something similar in the real life.

    Eighth, check this page, it’s even more interesting:

    Ninth, you almost convinced me, let’s use less obvious drawings on the site.

    Tenth, I see no reason why lolicon or shotacon should be considered bad and be banned. Can anybody convince me? Please, do not say “law”, I want to hear some good reasons “why” behind the law.

  15. OK, replaced several images in all related posts, now they conform the UK law. No penetration, no masturbation, no focusing on genitals – nothing illegal. (Actually, nothing of these was on the drawings, but now there’s no even a hint)

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