These things happen or Vicis est Viaticus. Part IV

transparent latex stockings with back seamsThis long story consists of three parts.

Part I

On the way to the library Mahret‘s latex (real rubber, that is, not lycra) leggings decided to fall apart. A lot was said about the quality of latex, where to buy, where not to buy, the differences between moulded and glued latex, etc (see this post), yes, all known stuff, but here comes …

Part II

After years of hesitation, being not able to choose between designs, trying to justify €100 for something you can ruin almost immediately, I finally bought transparent latex stockings with back-seams, with reinforced toes and heel, with reinforced holes for suspenders, with reinforced holes in the toes area, with reinforced band… Silky smooth… Not made to measure, but some measurements were taken (it’s not just S,M,L or one size fits most).

transparent latex stockings with back seamsYou got the idea. Sounds like a dream. Felt like a dream. Smelled like a dream. The fit was not perfect, though. Too loose. With lots of air bubbles. Don’t know how much time I spent trying to get rid of them.

But finally (bubbles ignored) I was dressed accordingly. Latex mini dress, latex gloves, latex leotard, high heels, latex hood. Then came ropes and more funny stuff 😉

After several hours I noticed strange coldness. Looked in the mirror – the band was still “connected” to the latex garter belt, but the stockings lost their connection to the band. Later it turned out that the glue either dissolved or the surface was not prepared properly and the stockings simply fell apart (see photos).

Part III

Of course, the manufacturer immediately agreed to swap the stockings and even adjust the size, but then came the busy days. I managed to send the stockings back only a half a year later.

And later that year (after many years of “doing nothing”) I began to train again. But training means size changing. So I did not order anything at that time.

A year later my waist decreased by 10cm while the weight remained the same. I though that it’s the time to order latex again. I asked if I could get €100 discount if I buy something different (not just stockings) and got a positive response.

So far, so good. I made an order and asked for an “adjusted” invoice. But only silence was the answer. The payment timed-out and in about two months the order was cancelled. When I asked again, I was told that it was too late to get the money back. But they agreed to give a 10%-discount.

As a result, I lost about €50. It always takes time to decide, weight the reasons, wait for new information to come, imagine possible combinations, check other shops and choose what appears to be the most optimal solution. (Yeah, the solution must be perfect with the highest price/performance). But time is money…

On the other hand, I think that I would have lost more if I had ordered what I had in my mind two years ago. Who knows…

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