Self-bondage drawing needs translation – translated!

selfbondage tutorialUpdate Nov 11, 01:45: Just finished Photoshopping the English edition. Many thanks to Green Guy for the translation!

Could anybody who speaks Japanese please translate?

Author: Lilish28

9 thoughts on “Self-bondage drawing needs translation – translated!”

  1. From top to bottom…
    ここに手を通す Put your hands through (these loops) here
    このコブにひっかかる (The ropes) get stuck on the thick “knob” here
    テープで巻いて滑るようにする Wrap (the rope) with tape so it slides (easily)
    足で引っ張って締める Pull with your legs to tighten/close the trap.

  2. この技術すばらしいです。

  3. here’s a question since this is in “Self Bondage” section once you get yourslef all tied up how do you get the “knob” part undone to get loose? personally i dont wanna get stuck and have to attempt calling the fire department or worst, (thats just me though.) please help!

  4. All very nice, but how the devil do you get out again? Always trickier with rope-only self bondage, since ropes are twisty and sometimes unpredictable. The upper arm ties make arm usage almost completely futile at the best of times, but with arms crossed behind the back, you really have no way to reach anything, even if you have enough rope that you don’t mind using scissors. The only way I can see this working is the insane/desperate method of having a mounted knife around somewhere to rub the rope against…which is all very nice for daring escapes in movies, but realistically is going to get you chopped up a fair bit in the process.

  5. Tenderfoot88 ” wrote:

    how the devil do you get out again?

    Good question indeed… Japanese box-tie is very difficult to escape from if done properly.

    However, I’m still not convinced, that the proper box-tie is possible in self-bondage. If you have a look at the picture, the wrist loop binds arms at the hmm… wrists. That means you can use a ling knife to cut through the rope between the wrists.

    In the “proper” Japanese tie the wrists are touching the opposite elbows.

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