Self-bondage art. Part XII

self-bondage art enemaSee previous parts here.

Here’s a question. If you see a bound person… No, let me rephrase… If you see a bondage picture, can you guess if it’s self-bondage or not? Of course, sometimes there are signs like ice timers, prepared cinch noses, the special ring device.

Sometimes the title advises, that the pictured person (or group of persons) is selfbound. Sometimes it’s quite clear from the sequence of events (if there is a set of images).

No, let me rephrase… If you see a bondage picture, how often do you imagine yourself on the place of the bound person? And how often do you think if you could bind yourself this way?

Always in my case ;-P

12 drawings below.

4 thoughts on “Self-bondage art. Part XII”

  1. hy Like Ra!

    I would like to answer your last 2 question! 😀
    First, as I saw a bound persion on a picture, i always imagine myself on the place of the bound person.
    The secound, I love bondage and self bondage both, some times when ia meet my best friend and he known that i love bondage, i ask him to try these or that, and i show some picture of these bound persoin, but if i could i always try to bound myself as the same ways!

  2. I love this sort of art – it inspires both sessions and fantasies!

    My first thoughts are always ‘could I be tied/tie myself like that?’ and then (if the picture is a particularly good one) I wonder ‘how did they do it and how will they get free?’

    Some artists always give you a hint that the scene is a true self-bondage session (scissors in the picture or metling ice) others just leave you guessing.


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