Nose hooks for self-bondage or Masakazu Shimizu bondage and fetish art

bondage art total latex enclosure kokuyosya-20I was composing this article but Culmor managed (and not for the first time) to beat me to it. See his forum thread and photos.

But back to the subject.

I always wondered why Japanese are so mad about nose hooks. There is no “just” in Japan. Despite their perfect minimalism it can’t be just as simple as “something inserted into the nostrils”.

At first I thought that nose hooks are after some erogenous zones or “biologically active points”. The reason is that the contemporary Japanese bondage art is about bondage, art, pleasure for both parts, philosophy, etc. And “pleasure” was the first thing I was thinking of.

However, no sources on the Internet mentioned “pleasure”. Most common word you can meet around “nose hooks” is au contraire “torture”. Or “nose torture”. Pain … Not something I’m striving for, so let’s skip it.

Another interesting cultural thing is public embarrassment. For example, being publicly bound with knots was considered extremely embarrassing in Japan centuries ago. Hence the prisoners were restrained using a hojojutsu technique requiring no knots. And even for prisoners, the aesthetic effect was very important. The ties often included intricate ornaments.

Applied nose hooks make a nose look like a pigs snout. And that may be considered funny by the observers and embarrassing for the bound person.

Tightly pulled nose hooks force the person to bend his or her head backwards. The results are:

  • Obedient position
  • Restriction, the person is not able to lower the head
  • Forces the mouth to be opened (often combined with open gags)
  • Straightened throat, what makes deep throating easier

Some of the above mentioned aspects make nose hooks quite interesting even for self-bondage (but mostly for bondage). With additional precautions, of course. There must not be any sharp movements. As a variant – using rubber bands instead of leather straps. While elastic rubber will keep constant pressure, it will allow more head movements, though at a price.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas or possible scenarios in mind? Drop a line here or in the forum thread!

All drawings by Masakazu Shimizu (黒妖社, aka Kokuyosya).

3 thoughts on “Nose hooks for self-bondage or Masakazu Shimizu bondage and fetish art”

  1. Idk about the whole nose thing, it seems like it would be painful, and not the good kind

    although i do like the images that accompany it

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