asphyxiation-36See Part I and Part II

I think I’ve just understood the “psychological idea” behind transparent latex and plastic bags. It is, actually, pretty obvious – you can see a “real life” live person inside the transparent material.

But the real magic happens when you replace the transparent latex or transparent plastic with opaque material. Suddenly, your partner disappears. It can be anybody or anything. (See this post about a psychological “zentai” experiment). Your mind and your imagination are the only boundaries. You can imagine yourself with a bound celebrity or a comics character.

Your mind understands, that “it” can not see you. “It” can be even a non-living subject. A blow-up doll, for example, you don’t care much about. Your perception changes. Your behaviour changes. Your limits change. But not the limits of your partner. Such freedom can be very scary…

That “featureless” granted by masks is not for everyone. Just like a shiny ball with a slippery hole in it is not for everyone. “Hey, I want to f* a human, not a beach ball!!!!” Switch to a transparent hood! Now you do see who’s inside. You see the expression of his or her face, you see what she or he feels. See the difference? BTW, the person inside can still not see you. Unless the plastic is very thin and transparent.

If you have time, revisit the drawings in these posts with the opaque/transparent concept in mind and let us know what you think.

And, just in case again – do not try this at home.