“Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou

selfbondage-princess-00The full title is “Jibaku-hime + Osorubeshi Kikai no Pantsu” or “[すもも堂] 『自縛姫』『恐るべし機械のパンツ』 [英訳]”

The idea to use a hardening substance for self-bondage appeared in the forum in this thread: Turn water into a gel/solid…. But no release method was found, except a safety person, just like in this manga.

Also I was thinking about the enema pants/plugs/system used here. I wonder if it’s possible to DIY it.

4 thoughts on ““Self-bondage princess” manga by Sumomo-dou”

  1. I love the concepts of this story, but suspect the practicalities make it virtually impossible (such as the chemical reaction of resin hardening creates a lot of heat, how do you breath if you are in a resin block, etc)

    The plugs are a personal fantasy, if only it was possible… sigh!



  2. …oops – need to be clear on a point I made.

    How do you breath… not the bit about a pipe to your mouth/nose, but the actual action of breathing by expanding your lungs and chest!


  3. Hence the substance should be elastic enough to allow deformations but strong enough to prevent breaking (glue?). What about water as a release, that will dissolve the goo/gel/glue/resin?

  4. This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen! And for Madjack I’m pretty sure JG-Leathers has once made some pumps like that. And as for the resin there are plenty of other things and substances that you can use in place of that. This is actually not far from reality! =D

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