What gets you into a self-bondage mood?

1124724219996MadJack started a very interesting discussion here. Indeed, what turns you on? Clothes (pantyhose, latex, leotards, high heels?), photos (bound girls/boys?), drawings, literature, toys, imagination (what do you imagine?), anything else?

Can you please upload about 10 photos/drawings which have the most “impact” on you? Do we have similar “interests”?

For me one of the biggest “turn-ons” are drawings made by Masakazu Shimizu (aka Kokuyosya). See 6 more images below.

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  1. Yes, there is a site (click on the link with his name above and look at the first post), but there’s not much there. Mostly stories in Japanese. If you’re in Japan, you can buy his works from the site, though.

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