Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 22. Mud-walking and bodily fluids

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Many-many years ago I’ve read somewhere that men should at least once a year crawl in mud to let go frustration and self-importance.

The Dutch have a hobby – mud-walking (wadlopen) – four hour walking from the mainland of the Netherlands to one of the Frisian Islands, when the tide is low. Another one is crawling in the mud and jumping over canals (with poles and without). In all the cases the result is tiredness, ruined clothes and destroyed model of “normality” in “usual” society (usually you avoid dirt, don’t you?) (See Paraphilias, sexual fetishes, normality, deviations and men vs women)

In the fetish and bondage water-sports you also destroy the usual model of normality. Usually you do not pee in your pants, do you? Yes, another social taboo, but I completely agree with this one 😉 But isn’t bondage about breaking through multiple taboos? ( See Inner and outer bondage)

Some self-bondage scenarios on this site are based on “bodily fluids”, so you can mentally prepare for it. However during any session, when you are inescapably bound, gagged, plugged, blindfolded, without any knowledge when the ice lock allows you to crawl to the keys or knife, you cannot be sure that you will be able to control your body or can keep that amount of enema.

And it eventually happens. I hate to clean the mess, but isn’t it something what bondage is about? And quoting the manga:

If it feels good, it can’t be wrong.

There are exceptions, though 😉

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