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Erection of the day. Encased in transparent latex zentai and locked

patrick-andraste-20-transparent-latex-catsuit-bondageAnother “moody” photo by Patrick Andraste, that “works” and “makes me feel”. Apparently it’s the same suit as here: Your mind, imagination and fetishism. Patrick Andraste. But with added bondage and laying in a corner. So erotic…

What I miss here is a transparent (hollow?) gag and transparent (also hollow?) dildo/plugs, like on these photos (Erection of the day).

Stretchy guipure zentai and steel corset

I know that this stretch-guipure lacy zentai suit does exist, but I’m not sure if the steel waist-cincher/corste is not a Photoshop creation. It looks too good and cruel to be true.

On the other hand, if something looks cruel, most likely it exist ;-)

Via Sarah Cylon (Google+)

Erection of the day. Red metallic (self-)bondage hooded leotard

After long analysis I figured out that to usual zentai suits, I prefer swimsuits or leotards with hoods. The result should look (and probably feel) more interesting. It may feel better because the sizing can be tuned more precisely.

Then – sleeves with built-in gloves. I love to wear pantyhose on arms, but fingered gloves make that impossible. Fingerless mittens are more suitable, more “bondagy” and easier to make and fit.

Suddenly I stumbled upon this suit on eBay (in this shop). Shiny metallic leotard, closed hood, long sleeves with fingerless mittens (just like in my wish list) and …

… look closely. The sleeves are [read more…]

Latex zentai suit with built-in condoms or a living sex doll

The ultimate catsuit is a coverall zentai. The ultimate zentai is a suit, which covers not only the outer surface of the body, but also the inner one. Zentai hides the personality, features, emotions (see Ani. Her daily life in zentai) but the internal built-in condoms brings the appearance closer to a living sex doll, whose only purpose is to satisfy the owner at any time and in any way without any distraction.

Only the glory holes have less personality and more anonymity (especially if cocks are covered in latex)

The total enclosure latex suit made by Future Fetish looks very surreal, more like a 3D computer model or a virtual reality sex android. [read more…]

Latex encasement and mummification (self-)bondage art by Student Of Rubber

It is one of those cases when you stumble upon an interesting picture (will post it later), you try to find the author, then follow the links (e.g “favourites”, “friends”, etc) and end up in something completely different but nevertheless very interesting.

This is how I found StudentOfRubber page on DeviantArt (it turned out that he’s the author of a couple of my favourite drawings). Pencil and coloured sketches, illustrations, completed drawings of figures totally encased in latex or pantyhose, tightly mummified, self-bound or peacefully sleeping in rubber cocoons definitely give some food for imagination!

Yes, I want to be there! Bound in latex!

Some of the 32 images below have comments by the author. See also Total latex encasement, latex mummification bondage forum thread.

BTW, any ideas for selfbondage sessions? ;-P
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Zentai and kids pyjamas

Madmarcy knows how to design and shoot zentai suits. Look at the photos – beautiful kids pyjamas!

When I was a kid I would give all my toys for such a pyjama. Tight, gently hugging, slippery, extremely comfortable… I would even go to bed earlier.

I remember these rare moments when I could sleep in my blue nylon (there were no lycra kids tights at that time) a bit lacy patterned girly pantyhose (I do not know how and why they appear in my wardrobe, probably my grandma bought them for me instead of disgusting brown cotton ones). BTW, most likely this is when I “developed” pantyhose fetish, somewhere around 6 yo.

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PVC zentai and colourful bondage or Russian fetish evolution

Looking at these beautiful photos I suddenly realized that there are interesting parallels and analogies.

Telephony was invented in the 19th century. Of course, most telephone lines were replaced many times since then, but still there are some very old ones that are still in use. Internet was invented a hundred years later, and phone lines is still the major link between Internet users.

But have a look at some poor African countries. They did not have phone lines. They did not have to think how to upgrade or replace the outdated technology without big outages, huge investments or digging cables across deserts or bushes. They simply began with the latest generation of mobile networks.

There were no sex shops in Soviet Union. [read more…]

Condom clothes again, purple metallic lycra and self-bondage quiz

Compare this purple condom-like body bag (from this eBay shop) with this photo from Düsseldorf. Not many differences ;-)

I like this cocoon (mostly the shine and the colour), but the question is:

What self-bondage technique and time-release method can you imagine?

My first thought – pantyhose single-glove inside the suit, but there is no time-release here.

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New SimonO latex zentai collection on eBay

Updated on Feb 02, 2012 @ 14:31:

New stuff in their eBay shop (see photos below): latex stockings with seams (check up the tan-cosmetic coloured ones), latex stocking with floral lacy pattern (what a great fashion attribute!), transparent panties and bras.

I could not win the pants with transparent panels :-( Did I lose to someone from this site? :-)

Published on Jan 31, 2012 @ 03:31:

My favorite latex manufacturer Simon O (no affiliation) from Austria created a new collection of latex zentai suits for men and (as always) after a photo session dropped the “photoshot” (some of them are chlorinated!!!) suits on their page on eBay. Check also the purple and grey transparent catsuits.

With no options they are no more than usual latex catsuits. But as always the suits can be customized to a full latex enclosure (think of latex zentai) or a full bondage ready enclosure (see photos below).

One interesting point:

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