PVC zentai and colourful bondage or Russian fetish evolution

Looking at these beautiful photos I suddenly realized that there are interesting parallels and analogies.

Telephony was invented in the 19th century. Of course, most telephone lines were replaced many times since then, but still there are some very old ones that are still in use. Internet was invented a hundred years later, and phone lines is still the major link between Internet users.

But have a look at some poor African countries. They did not have phone lines. They did not have to think how to upgrade or replace the outdated technology without big outages, huge investments or digging cables across deserts or bushes. They simply began with the latest generation of mobile networks.

There were no sex shops in Soviet Union. No erotic or sexually oriented media was allowed. They produced lingerie half of the world was laughing at. Pr0n was illegal and extremely rare. No fetish industry still exist. Basically, there was no fetish and bondage culture (doms and sadists always existed, though).

Russians did not have to go a many-generation-long way to invent and perfect erotic bondage like in Japan. They missed the beginning of the western bondage and fetish culture of the 50’s. They knew neither Betty Page, nor John Willie, nor latex clothes.

And suddenly a revelation at the end of 90’s. It did require some time to accumulate the latest news, trends, designs and technologies, digest, “infect” others, think a bit, come out with own very fresh ideas and then the fetish scene literally exploded around 2005. A very few years required to go from nothing to a very high quality fetish craftsmanship and design, and very advanced fetish and bondage clubs.

Aurora and Billy is one example. RuBear is another. And now zentai suits and photos made by Agni Dog (G+).

This also can explain the Google trends. See Fetish industry and fetish trends.

2 thoughts on “PVC zentai and colourful bondage or Russian fetish evolution”

  1. Superb find Ra!

    I find the red and black Zentai images incredibly erotic. 🙂

    I suspect the potential for such imaginative eroticism always existed in Russia and the lack of influence from Western (and Eastern) cultures has created a refreshingly new and exciting output from the old Soviet block.

    One can only wonder at what potential China has for a similar explosion of erotica – assuming they will not slavishly ‘copy’ the Western world as they seem to today.


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