Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

Erection of the day. Encased in transparent latex zentai and locked

patrick-andraste-20-transparent-latex-catsuit-bondageAnother “moody” photo by Patrick Andraste, that “works” and “makes me feel”. Apparently it’s the same suit as here: Your mind, imagination and fetishism. Patrick Andraste. But with added bondage and laying in a corner. So erotic…

What I miss here is a transparent (hollow?) gag and transparent (also hollow?) dildo/plugs, like on these photos (Erection of the day).

Red pantyhose, black latex and bikes

How many Patrick‘s fetishes can you spot on one photo (there is another one below, just in case)? Somehow guns are missing here ;-)

Photos of Kristy by Patrick Andraste (G+)

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Latex, reflections and shiny forms. Part II

See Part I.

Reflections on the shiny surface of properly polished latex can create very interesting and unusual effects.

Sometimes you do not know what you are looking at, sometimes even familiar forms turn into tar or quicksilver. Human bodies become translucent, begin to glow from inside or simply dissolve.

Credits: some photos are made by Patrick Andraste, at least one by Alexander Horn. Please let me know about the others.

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Demotivators of the day. Wiped out sites

Updated on Dec 13, 2010 @ 02:14:
To make a short story long.

Scene 1

My wife is very interested in professional cooking (thanks God! ;-) Under “professional” I mean knowing “details”, knowing “how” and knowing “why”. And there was a LiveJournal community dedicated to this subject. With a helluva of extremely rare information you can’t just find on the Net or in a book store (forget the culinary books). Technology, science, experience, places, products, advises, discussions, recipes, information from trainings (e.g. by Michelin restaurants chefs), photos, tutorials, etc. Gigabytes and gigabytes of stuff.
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We, our fetishes and our partners

3xl and Latex KittyYes, another cry for help. See this post. What can you do if your partner is indifferent for your fetishes you can’t live without? In some cases simple rules (see this thread) can help. Sometimes…

Here’s some real cases.

Patrick Andraste from RubberBound.

Take the Kink Spectrum test and compare the result with Patrick’s. (Funny that he’s just published his list of fetishes he does not “understand”) Then ask your partner to take the test. It sounds funny or stupid, but as I mentioned earlier the test makes, for example, me and Patrick quite incompatible. He’s way too “advanced”, and I in comparison look like an innocent 12yo girl.

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The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test

… showed that I’m too vanilla for, for example, Patrick Andraste. I would bore him ;-D

This is my result:

Green (530 nm)
You scored 50% self-confidence and 49% bandwidth!
how kinky I am
Quite predictable, since I’m not into pain, but into bondage and fetishism (latex, lycra, crossdressing, etc). And I do not like to deal with lots of people ;-)  Strangely enough, I scored only 57% on autoerotic. Self-bondage is mostly an autoerotic activity.
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Art vs real life. Associations. Part I

latex encasement and single-glove artAs many of “us fetishists” I have quite a collection of photos and drawings downloaded from all over the Internet. I mentioned already that I like drawings more than photos. But sometimes you can find similarities between them. Not in pure terms like subject, pose, materials, bondage, etc, but in the feelings or associations they produce.

latex catsuit ballet boots latex hood gag bondage mittensAs an example: Masakazu Shimizu‘s drawing vs Patrick Andraste‘s photo. Despite a bit different “set up” (armbinder vs handcuffs) you get the same mixed feelings of fully enclosed in latex, inescapably bound yet absolutely free to go anywhere!

Jude and Patrick or Latex seeing in Seattle

latex in publicPatrick Andraste once wrote:

I try to get arrested every time I go out.
that or cause a car wreck.
so far I have gotten neither.
I have come very close on both though.

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Your mind, imagination and fetishism. Patrick Andraste

andraste-02What does make a photo a “fetish” photo? In other words, why (looking at a photo) do you say:

  • true fetish photo
  • looks usual
  • typical pr0n
  • whatever

Why looking at a photo with a trussed gagged latex clad girl you may say:”I don’t believe it.” or “It’s not even crap. It’s plastic crap” or “Same… Always the same…”

But something simple like a stiletto heel with 3cm of a stocking clad leg makes you gasp? That was discussed many times at all possible levels, but the criteria, evaluation and results are still very subjective and based upon personal preferences, feelings, education, experience, imagination and so on.

In my case, imagination plays easily the most important role. There always must be some space for imagination. For example, I find drawings more “fetishy” than photos. (Also you may want to check the Imagined bondage series). And photos like these are much more sexy than any upskirt pics.

If you are still with me, let’s go on, who knows, probably we have the same “fetish patterns”? (That reminds me our discussion with Billy ;-) Click on [read more…]

Fetish, forms and shapes

From Andraste.Com and Rubberbound:

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