Latex zentai suit with built-in condoms or a living sex doll

The ultimate catsuit is a coverall zentai. The ultimate zentai is a suit, which covers not only the outer surface of the body, but also the inner one. Zentai hides the personality, features, emotions (see Ani. Her daily life in zentai) but the internal built-in condoms brings the appearance closer to a living sex doll, whose only purpose is to satisfy the owner at any time and in any way without any distraction.

Only the glory holes have less personality and more anonymity (especially if cocks are covered in latex)

The total enclosure latex suit made by Future Fetish looks very surreal, more like a 3D computer model or a virtual reality sex android. Add some bondage and it turns into a living sculpture for you office. Change the bondage, alter the pose and it transforms into a lust object.

Even without any bondage, inside the suit you do not know who penetrates you, you have no idea what happens next, how many people are around and how big are the objects that are trying to find a way deeper in your orifices. You can imagine anything or anybody, or simply follow the flow and rhythm (not that you have too much to choose from if you are bound ;-).

The suit is chlorinated, so it’s silky smooth inside and outside and it does not take too much efforts to put it on as soon as you are told so or you are in the playing mood. I would add a matching moulded 3D corset from Rubear for a more stunning visual effect.

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