Zentai and kids pyjamas

Madmarcy knows how to design and shoot zentai suits. Look at the photos – beautiful kids pyjamas!

When I was a kid I would give all my toys for such a pyjama. Tight, gently hugging, slippery, extremely comfortable… I would even go to bed earlier.

I remember these rare moments when I could sleep in my blue nylon (there were no lycra kids tights at that time) a bit lacy patterned girly pantyhose (I do not know how and why they appear in my wardrobe, probably my grandma bought them for me instead of disgusting brown cotton ones). BTW, most likely this is when I “developed” pantyhose fetish, somewhere around 6 yo.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind to sleep in that night suit at any age 😛

Photos by Marcy Anarchy (Google+)

11 thoughts on “Zentai and kids pyjamas”

  1. I would love to sleep in that suit as well.
    But I would like to have a turtle neck version with
    a thick Locking collar sewn in.

    I could think of some other options as well.

  2. I would like an open third leg to pee, and a zipper on the lower back end for pooping.

    A nice internal waist belt that can be chinch tight.

    This way, you can do the basic finctions while locked in the suit for the weekend.

  3. D.V. ” wrote:

    I would like an open third leg to pee, and a zipper on the lower back end for pooping.

    This can be solved with one crotch zip.

    D.V. ” wrote:

    A nice internal waist belt

    A lockable zip slider is an easier solution. Or this one: /blog/wp/diy-lockable-clothes-part-i

  4. One crotch zipper is good, But I love the feel of the third leg coated in lycra… not to menchion a good hard-on. heh…heh…heh

    I like my idea better.

  5. Just sent a request to the cost of making this suit.
    Lets see what happens next.

  6. I sent a request to two makers of these suits on ebay.
    One said that they don’t that pattern, and I haven’t back from the second.

    I’ll find some day.

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