Condom clothes again, purple metallic lycra and self-bondage quiz

Compare this purple condom-like body bag (from this eBay shop) with this photo from Düsseldorf. Not many differences 😉

I like this cocoon (mostly the shine and the colour), but the question is:

What self-bondage technique and time-release method can you imagine?

My first thought – pantyhose single-glove inside the suit, but there is no time-release here.

8 thoughts on “Condom clothes again, purple metallic lycra and self-bondage quiz”

  1. This looks fabulous and stirs my imagination.

    Cost is a factor, especially when you are buying what is basically a tube with a zip, but I do love the concept.

    Wish I had some spare cash to splash out on these sorts of items.. and the time to play!


  2. I can see a way to use this in a self-bondage, But without seeing the zipper part, I would guess that if a steel ring can be added to the zipper, then it could be used in self bondage

  3. The description does not go into details, but usually they use two zips – one for the hood and another for the body. If you tie a cord to the slider it should not be very difficult to get in alone.

    The question is what to do next 😉

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