New SimonO latex zentai collection on eBay

Updated on Feb 02, 2012 @ 14:31:

New stuff in their eBay shop (see photos below): latex stockings with seams (check up the tan-cosmetic coloured ones), latex stocking with floral lacy pattern (what a great fashion attribute!), transparent panties and bras.

I could not win the pants with transparent panels 🙁 Did I lose to someone from this site? 🙂

Published on Jan 31, 2012 @ 03:31:

My favorite latex manufacturer Simon O (no affiliation) from Austria created a new collection of latex zentai suits for men and (as always) after a photo session dropped the “photoshot” (some of them are chlorinated!!!) suits on their page on eBay. Check also the purple and grey transparent catsuits.

With no options they are no more than usual latex catsuits. But as always the suits can be customized to a full latex enclosure (think of latex zentai) or a full bondage ready enclosure (see photos below).

One interesting point:

Completely new features are the anatomically shaped socks. What has been standard for ladies’ designs for quite some time is now available for these new mens garments, too. Due to a new cut the socks can be added in one piece, no cross seams necessary.

Why do girls always get the best clothes? Best materials, best design, best cut, best construction, best look, etc? Pantyhose/swimsuits aside, even general sport clothes are designed much better. I’ve been trying to find a fleece jacket for months, but when I see something pretty, neat and comfortably looking it appears to be made for women. And the same version but made for men has not only different proportions (what I would expect), but different design and sometimes even different fabric.

But back to latex. I haven’t checked the sizes yet, I wonder if I can find something for myself ;-P

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