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Erection of the day. Naughty beauty and condom

condom-girl-01So simple, so powerful, so naughty, so pervy. Love it…

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Erection of the day. Girls and condoms

condom-and-girl-01Condoms is one of my old fetishes (since I bought my first pack ;P ) Thin filmy slippery glistening transparent latex mini-stockings… Oh…

Now let’s just add a pair of lips…

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What is squeaking there in the corner? “Durex” condom commercial (also with bloopers)

Kids, smartphones and Internet is a dangerous mix ;-) This is what my son showed me yesterday.

A funny kamasutrish (kamasutrean? kamasutral? kamasutristic? ) commercial by S├╝perfad team. Get yourself a pack of condoms and be creative. He-he… :D

Official video:

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Latex zentai suit with built-in condoms or a living sex doll

The ultimate catsuit is a coverall zentai. The ultimate zentai is a suit, which covers not only the outer surface of the body, but also the inner one. Zentai hides the personality, features, emotions (see Ani. Her daily life in zentai) but the internal built-in condoms brings the appearance closer to a living sex doll, whose only purpose is to satisfy the owner at any time and in any way without any distraction.

Only the glory holes have less personality and more anonymity (especially if cocks are covered in latex)

The total enclosure latex suit made by Future Fetish looks very surreal, more like a 3D computer model or a virtual reality sex android. [read more…]

Condoms, Collections and Sausages

Doctor: Soooo, what’s the problem?
Patient: I like sausages.
Doctor: Sausages? What’s wrong with them? I like them too.
Patient: Really? Cool! Would you like to have a look at my collection?

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Condom clothes. Part III. Full-body condom and (self-)bondage ideas

full-body condom latex dressThanks to Stucklord’s tip I have found “a live version” of one of my dreams – full-body condom (see the manga drawing in Condom clothes and condom dreams article):

This is an all-in-one rubber sheath dress with an attached re-breather hood. The dress is tight fitting from the neck down to the ankles. The re-breather hood is fitted around the head with a loose front section with breathing hole. For obvious safety reasons you will need help getting in and out of this sheath as it is tight.

“You will need help…” Help? The “dress” does not look tight at all. But I see two possible issues: [read more…]

Condom clothes. Part II

Looks like these condom suits (condom-like suits, not suits made out of condoms) are more popular than I thought. (See the photo I made in D├╝sseldorf).

Does anybody know if these sacks can be bought somewhere? I mean not in on-and off-line fetish shops. Or such full-body sheaths do not exist “pre-made” and should be ordered in a tailor’s shop?

The thinnest transparent latex legwear ever

transparent latex condom socksHow would you describe the ultimate sheer tights? What should the look like? I would say very thin, very tight, no wrinkles, no “sparks” on the “edge”, just a thin razor sharp stripe of the reflected light, very transparent like a film. Latex is an obvious choice here (see Transparent rubber tights forum thread and latex pantyhose on eBay).

The only downside of latex is those pesky air-bubbles… To get rid of them the rubber must be very thin, very transparent and very tight. See where I’m going?

Condoms! If not pantyhose or stockings, condoms can be used as socks. And they come in different colours and flavours (I have another strange dream – latex/condom covered foot as a gag ;-P )

See 29 photos below.

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Breath control, transparent latex, plastic, condom hoods Part I or do not lose your sense of humour

breath control bondage transparent plastic hoodYou’ve read all my disclaimers about breath controll and autoerotic asphyxiation, haven’t you? Once more just in case – I’m not into asphyxiation but I am into tight transparent hoods.

Saying that, let’s continue the second most popular subject of the last week. And if you have interesting photos, please upload them in the “Transparent latex, plastic and condom hoods” thread.

See 28 photos and 2 videos below.

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Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part VIII
Swimsuit self-bondage in the shower

selfbondage in swimsuit and pantyhoseThis is the last part from this set. But if you want some close-ups or particular images in higher resolution, just let me know. See previous parts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII and the cycling shorts single-glove tutorial.

I did not have any particular plans for selfbondage, I was just going to play in a shower and make a simple photo session in the shower. Swimsuits, latex hoods and pantyhose encasement. So I did not bring ropes or cuffs, and following the sudden change of the mood had to improvize.

Let’s recap. Shiny pantyhose on legs and arms, black fishnets (Oroblu “Tricot”), Speedo water-polo swimsuit, condom hood, rubber gag, lycra cycle shorts worn as a single-glove.

32 photos below.
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