Erection of the day. Red metallic (self-)bondage hooded leotard

After long analysis I figured out that to usual zentai suits, I prefer swimsuits or leotards with hoods. The result should look (and probably feel) more interesting. It may feel better because the sizing can be tuned more precisely.

Then – sleeves with built-in gloves. I love to wear pantyhose on arms, but fingered gloves make that impossible. Fingerless mittens are more suitable, more “bondagy” and easier to make and fit.

Suddenly I stumbled upon this suit on eBay (in this shop). Shiny metallic leotard, closed hood, long sleeves with fingerless mittens (just like in my wish list) and …

… look closely. The sleeves are sewed to the sides of the leotard! If it is indeed so, bind the wrists together behind the back and the suit will be tightened up (emphasizing your gorgeous erection ;P) plus you will get a more restrictive tie as a bonus. One question though: can you use this suit for self-bondage? I mean is it possible to put it on/off and zip it up/down alone? Ideas?

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7 thoughts on “Erection of the day. Red metallic (self-)bondage hooded leotard”

  1. Most likely it’s like a bodybag with internal sleeves I bought on eBay half a year ago. There is no way to get into or out of the sleeves alone. let alone zipping up/down.

    Anyway, I asked more questions about the zips and size.

  2. Yeah, I know them. I bought there a leotard with long sleeves and a hood-top combination. Basically what is on the picture but without gloves and with a zip instead of snap-crotch.

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