It is one of those cases when you stumble upon an interesting picture (will post it later), you try to find the author, then follow the links (e.g “favourites”, “friends”, etc) and end up in something completely different but nevertheless very interesting.

This is how I found StudentOfRubber page on DeviantArt (it turned out that he’s the author of a couple of my favourite drawings). Pencil and coloured sketches, illustrations, completed drawings of figures totally encased in latex or pantyhose, tightly mummified, self-bound or peacefully sleeping in rubber cocoons definitely give some food for imagination!

Yes, I want to be there! Bound in latex!

Some of the 32 images below have comments by the author. See also Total latex encasement, latex mummification bondage forum thread.

BTW, any ideas for selfbondage sessions? ;-P