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One of the self-bondage dreams may come true – Zipperbot

ZipperbotFor years self-bondagers have been looking for a device that can zip and unzip bondage sacks, single-gloves, and various bondage suits at the specified time. For example, if your arms are bound behind your back inside a zipped up tight latex bag, you will not be able to get out without external help. Another example is single gloves. Even if you manage to get in and zip it shut, getting out is very tricky and in most cases impossible.

I seriously doubt that MIT’s Personal Robots Group had self-bondage in mind when they were creating their Zipperbot. [read more…]

Pillow penetrators and self-bondage deep-throating ideas

pillow-fucking-machine-02Back to the idea of double penetration and self-bondage deep-throating. “Proper” DIYers can easily masquerade these Thrill Pillows as usual sofa roll pillows so nobody will suspect anything. They have hidden compartments with accessories that transform the innocent looking velvet rolls into aggressive sex-monsters (see the video below).

My idea is to stack and fix the rolls so the dildos are facing each other. One dildo is for one of the “bottom holes” another is for the throat. When you are bound you will be penetrated from both ends with no escape. For example, if you try to avoid the anal/vaginal dildo, you will be deep-throated and vice versa.

Two drawbacks: [read more…]

DIY masturbators. Video tutorial

The following three video tutorials are for die-hard DIYers. Not sure if any of them are suitable for selfbondage sessions, though ;-)

Anyway, enjoy:

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Compact e-stim device – Erectonus

erectron-01A couple of years ago I was seriously thinking about buying an e-stim device to get more entertaining possibilities during self-bondage sessions (and, hey, hands-free orgasm!). However, after spending days searching the Internet, reading various forums, reviews, I finally ditched the idea, because:

  • e-stim devices are bulky
  • good devices are very expensive and require expensive tools (plugs, contacts, etc.)
  • cheap e-stim devices are, actually, not so cheap, but do not bring much satisfaction (most likely no HFO)
  • electricity cannot be used inside of latex suits
  • wires and electricity are not quite compatible with self-bondage sessions (where you are supposed to rock&roll ;-)

But a couple of days ago I stumbled upon one eBay ad, that made me return to the subject. The device is called Erectonus and it’s very simple. [read more…]

State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VIII. Rocker with a surprise and selfbondage scenarios

Monkey-Rocker-fucking-machine-01“OK, I’m bound, now what?”. Several threads and posts were dedicated to this subject. What to do when you are (self-)bound? How to entertain yourself? How to add random events to simulate a bondage partner? Or another question: How to make learning more entertaining?

This rocker can help you to stay “involved”. Keep clicking on the featured photo below, the animated GIF will show you how this thing works. One of the advantages is no electricity required to make it move. You can move or stop at any time, what makes this design safer than motor-driven fucking machines.

Now use your imagination. Some quick ideas:

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What is squeaking there in the corner? “Durex” condom commercial (also with bloopers)

Kids, smartphones and Internet is a dangerous mix ;-) This is what my son showed me yesterday.

A funny kamasutrish (kamasutrean? kamasutral? kamasutristic? ) commercial by Süperfad team. Get yourself a pack of condoms and be creative. He-he… :D

Official video:

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Atsuko Kudo, dressing for pleasure and transparent latex lingerie

What does make more influence on the image? A person or clothes that person is wearing? And does the material the clothes is made from make difference?

Here’s the approach of Atsuko Kudo. They slowly dress a model in transparent latex lingerie. (“Armour for Prostitutes” in SHOWstudio’s “Selling Sex” exhibition).

And what a transformation! From Sweet Gwendoline to Catwoman! They called it “Dressing for Pleasure” (I’m not sure if the model was pleased to wear latex, I had a great fun of watching the process ;-), but I would call it “Dressing to Change”.

Or “Dress to be tied”. I wish they proceeded with tying and gagging her at the same slow pace. Yes, particular clothes provoke further actions. (And we are back to this topic).

See 42 screen captures (some prefer stills to videos) and the video below. See also:

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Hatsune Miku, 3D manga and new possibilities

Hatsune Miku  3D manga latex Updated on Oct 18, 2012 @ 00:28: Added Hatsune bound with karada made from her own hair. Thanks to Anon for pointing me to the picture!
… and four more…

Published on Dec 20, 2010 @ 02:06 Manga and anime have are moving forward in huge steps. From oversimplified drawings to moving pictures, then to plastic figures, and now to 3D live performances with live musicians. Yes, live. Thanks to Vocaloid Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) made by Crypton Future Media and 3D projectors, the 3m high hologram in “part-schoolgirl, part-spy” outfit performs on sold out stadiums in front of thousands of fans with glowing sticks.
According to the “legend”, Hatsune Miku is 16yo, 158cm tall and weighs 42kg. Some otaku-people do believe that she exists, they even bring her flowers and try to get to the stage.

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Bondage siesta

There no reason not to be bound & gagged and not to wear something interesting.

You can relax bound in the office (to build some extra team spirit :D ), spend nights in self-bondage or just like that doze off a bit after a lunch.

This is an animated GIF, so keep clicking on the image until the tied-up lady begins to move ;-P

Via Google+

If not Speedo s2000 or Mizuno, then Realise. Shiny swimsuits.

Shiny swimsuit leotard Realise (17)Updated on Jun 27, 2012 @ 02:30: Added a video (see below).

Updated on May 19, 2012 @ 19:40:
See Strappado’s review of the Realize swimsuit he’s just received! I think I will be the next. And my birthday is not that far away…

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 @ 16:41:
Neither Speedo s2000 nor Mizuno shiny closed-back swimsuits are produced anymore. These suits are very special and very expensive, they were created for specific purposes (very tight and slippery when wet to prevent grabbing and with low drag for speed), they were not available in usual sport shops and there will be no mass customers from outside of sport clubs. Since the sport industry never cared about us fetishists, the models were discontinued and now can be found only on eBay with ridiculously high price tags (see, for example, Mizuno and Speedo s2000 Latex wetlook shiny Swimsuits on eBay)

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