Erection of the day. Transparent latex garment

latex-dress-88-transparentRecently my “erections of the day” were caused by various tight transparent latex clothes. I like this outfit on girls (Like on the 3 photos below), but a good sized and visible through the latex erection would definitely make the look more interesting. Yet I would like to keep the feminine forms. What do you think? 😉

Oh, and yes, all these latex swimsuits, dresses and stockings are in my with list.

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3 thoughts on “Erection of the day. Transparent latex garment”

  1. I wish I had a female form. I know a few that are guys, and they have a figure that girls would kill for.
    But the faces are all male.

  2. Gorgeous dress. So tight can almost feel the sweat around my shaven erection. Feeling the sting of a cane landing with a satisfying whack on the bottom, having to crawl accross the floor towards my Masters buckled and belted Rubber Mac, reaching the hem of its skirt crawling underneath and milking him.

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