Italy and pantyhose. Part 1. Ipercoop.

IMG_1488-bought-pantyhoseWhat country can you call a “pantyhose-land” (in terms of manufacturing, not waring)? 20-25 years ago I would say “France” with no hesitation (“French pantyhose” was a very “stable” word construction). But now I would gibe the “gold award” to both Italy and Germany.

Mixed feelings about Italy. Italy is not “cheap” at all. For similar products they charge more than in NL or DE. But they sell the cheapest pantyhose in West Europe. Yet pretty much “wearable”. The colours suck, though (mostly black, grey and greyish skin-coloured).

I’m a big fan of supermarket pantyhose, so this is what we got (for me, my wife and my daughter) in a hypermarket “Ipercoop” (see the photo). The prices vary from 1.4€ to 3€. Not bad, huh?

In a more serious shop, I spotted (much more expensive) very interesting Oroblu models. Like seamless (think of Wolford Fatal) or the ones with a back seam that sits deeply between your buttocks to avoid the “unibutt” look. The former just appeared in NL, the latter – not yet.

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