Japanese bondage face-slimmer

bondage-face-flimmer-01Only the Japanese can invent and put into production such a device. What a cross between bondage, niku benki, manga, simplicity and specific humor.

The idea is to make muscles exercise what should reduce wrinkles. Just 3 minutes a day, they say. Am I the only one who thinks that this device can help reducing jaw strain during oral sex? 😀

8 thoughts on “Japanese bondage face-slimmer”

  1. I love this!

    A sort of ring gag without the straps – ideal for all sorts of naughty play 🙂

    Wonder how much they are?


  2. That shop is…. AWESOME!

    It’s a fetishists dream – so many ‘everyday’ items with obvious bondage uses, you might wonder which thought came first: ‘I’ve got a great design for bondage, but need to sell it openly’ or ‘Hey, I’ve just thought of another use for this!’

    Brilliant find!


    Ps. shame it’s all so expensive 🙁

  3. There are much cheaper ones available now, which look exactly the same. Not sure about the quality, but I will find out, I ordered one for about 5.0 Euro including shipment; it is said to be silicon rubber…

  4. Giving deepthroat blowjobs keeps my face muscles in condition, cum and facials keeps my facial skinn in good condition

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