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Unusual, weird or completely unsuitable gags

unusual-gag-01-duckHave you seen any drawings, photos, descriptions of strange gags? Or possibly used one? Or dreamed about? Please let us know in this forum thread:

Strange, weird or totally inappropriate gags

Japanese bondage face-slimmer

bondage-face-flimmer-01Only the Japanese can invent and put into production such a device. What a cross between bondage, niku benki, manga, simplicity and specific humor.

The idea is to make muscles exercise what should reduce wrinkles. Just 3 minutes a day, they say. Am I the only one who thinks that this device can help reducing jaw strain during oral sex? :D

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Red shiny ball gag. Fetish or Bondage?

ball-gag-01-redNow I’m not sure if a ball (or bit) gag is a fetish or a bondage attribute. It does not do much for bondage: you can push or roll it out and you can speak (unless you pull it very-very tight, but virtually anything can become a bondage item if you make it “very-very tight ;-).

The photo on the left is about pure fetish, no bondage at all.

BTW, see Lipstick fetish forum thread.

Gagged McPervert or McMaid in latex

Gagged McPervert? McMaid in latex? This is how you can loose weight in McDonalds? (See also Fetish McDonalds or The latex way to lose weight)

I’m out of suggestions. How would you title this photo?

Via Sarah Cylon (Google+)

Interesting gags on eBay. Chastity gag

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Yes! Finally! Someone has admitted that sex can be enjoyed not only genitally, but also using other natural cavities, for example, orally. What means that this “area” must be chastised as well.

Hence this simple device, called “chastity gag“. For both males and females (sounds logical, doesn’t it?)

But what I do not understand, is how this thing can be used to “enforce chastity”: [read more…]

Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 18. Gags

See all chapters and related articles here.

Another point – gags. I can’t imagine bondage without a gag. No gag – no bondage. It does not even matter what for gag I have in my mouth: a short rubber tube, a rubber ball, a condom filled with wrapped up pantyhose, a latex dildo or a cock. It must be something! Or the bondage is ruined, feels fake, cheating, completely wasted. A I mentioned in the Erection of the day form thread – I get instant erection when I imagine that someone is gagging me. It’s so much different when I do it by myself, though I adore it anyway. (see also Waaiiimmmmpppphhhhh…..!!!! Or self-bondage vs bondage. Part III).

Some psychologists say that gags remind us about breast feeding (pacifiers), some say that it’s about cock sucking, some emphasize the submissive effect of not being able to speak clearly. Does anybody care? I simply want my mouth and even throat to be filled in with something rubbery or leathery and I do not care about role plays. But let’s see what the Japanese sensei says in the manga:

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Deep throat gags and forced deep throat self-bondage scenarios

forced deep throatingUpdated on Jan 26, 2012 @ 03:39:

Almost all deep throat scenarios I’ve seen in different forums have one flaw – you can avoid inserting a dildo deep in your throat. But finally MadJack published some ideas in this forum thread that actually might work.

Some problems still remain, though:

  • How to reliably mount a dildo on a rod so it won’t slip off the rod inside your throat?
  • How to prevent going around the dildo (it is still possible even in this scenario)?
  • Where to find a suitable dildo?

Anyway, read the post and let us know what you think.

Published on May 13, 2010 @ 04:17:

After writing this “story” and speaking to TTD I started looking for long (longer than 10cm or 4″) gags. Not thick mouthfilling leather monsters (I always enjoyed) but thin (not thicker that 1″), very flexible (made out of silicone?) and long ones (12cm or 6″ minimum). The ideal “gag” should have a tube inside (like enema butt-plugs or squirting dildos) for possible “deep throat liquid injection”. But apparently they existed only in manga.

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Interesting gags on eBay. Double-dildo lockable gag for forced deep-throating?

See other parts here.

What: leather strap or harness lockable double-dildo gag. The plugs are made of soft but firm rubber and measure:

  1. length: 3.5″ (9cm), diameter: 1.44″ (3.7cm), circumference: of 4.5″ (11.5cm)
  2. length” 5.8″ (15cm), same diameter as 1

Where: the items, the shop, another shop

Why: “Standard” gags work only in films. In real life if the “wearer” does not want to be gagged, most gags can be spit out. And if hand are free (or at least in the front), the lockability does not make any sense. 9cm long gag is not long enough to [read more…]

Interesting gags on eBay. Ball gag enhanced

See other parts here.

What: Elongated hollow rubber ball gags. Available in 3 sizes (but currently only two sizes left: small and large), 4 colours, with and without a panel and a head harness:

Size “small”: 45mm diameter, 70mm long rubber gag. 3 sections: 45mm, 35mm, 25mm (diameters)

Size “large”: 57mm diameter, 85mm long rubber gag. 3 sections: 57mm, 50mm, 40mm (diameters)

Strap: 3mm thick, 590mm long, includes 25mm adjustments for a perfect fit.

Where: the item, the shop

Why: A bound beauty, black silky stockings adorn slender legs, red lips encircle a red ball gag (Eve Ellis?) [read more…]

Interesting gags on eBay. DIY breath-through rubber ball gag

See other parts here.

What: DIY rubber ball gag with a breathing hole and a rubber plate. 1-3/8″ diameter with a 1/2″ air hole. The shaft is 3/8″ long and the base is oval and measures 2-1/2″x3″.

Where: the gag (currently unavailable), the shop

Why: DIY means “use your own fantasy” ;-) You can “incorporate” this gag into any “device” you already have. For example, a vacuum bag, a hood, a zentai suit, a bondage frame, a bondage harness, enema bag, an enema butt-plug, a piss condom. Use it as a butt-plug or a door handle (which can shut up a bound naughty slave at any time ;-)

Lots of possibilities! One problem – the gag is not available at the moment. If you find it in any other place – please let us know.

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