Single-glove bondage leotard for €13

single-glove armbinder bondage leotard swimsuit

single-glove armbinder bondage leotard swimsuit This single-glove bondage leotard can be bought here for only €13.

10 thoughts on “Single-glove bondage leotard for €13”

  1. Aha, this is for the sukumizu fetishists 😉 The glove looks larger and the suit itself is more open. Neither of them are “secure”, what they could do is to connect the inner rim of the glove to the back of the suit, and “close” the back of the swimsuit (think of waterpolo swimsuits).

  2. you mentioned on the forums you got one of these, can you get us some more photos? shipping to Australia is a little bit excessive so I’m keen on trying to make one of my own (and on the plus side I can fit it better)

  3. I got that exact one, one of the reviews is mine. I like it even though it is not secure. Easy to get in and out of on your own.

  4. I ordered one too.
    It arrived in only 10 days. I think thats my record from AliExpress orders.

    Seemed pretty secure to me. Had to the wife to zip me in when trying it out. But I also understand Ra’s comment about having something from the mid back to the neck to secure the thing.

    Only just fit round the neck & pulling the zip past the horizontal seams was a tricky.

  5. Yes, it’s not that difficult, hence additional methods are needed. E.g. a suspension rope, pulling the top part (where the zip is) upwards.

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