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State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VIII. Rocker with a surprise and selfbondage scenarios

Monkey-Rocker-fucking-machine-01“OK, I’m bound, now what?”. Several threads and posts were dedicated to this subject. What to do when you are (self-)bound? How to entertain yourself? How to add random events to simulate a bondage partner? Or another question: How to make learning more entertaining?

This rocker can help you to stay “involved”. Keep clicking on the featured photo below, the animated GIF will show you how this thing works. One of the advantages is no electricity required to make it move. You can move or stop at any time, what makes this design safer than motor-driven fucking machines.

Now use your imagination. Some quick ideas:

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 34. Hidden bondage and self-bondage or Spice-it-up

Nana To Kaoru v05 ch38 04See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Travelling, shopping, staying in lines, waiting for someone or something, doing home chores… Boring, heh? Adding toys, kinky outfit (for example, as underwear outside, or full fetish attire at home), bondage elements can definitely spice these things up.

Once I went to the office completely dressed in latex (and plugged) under my normal clothes. Must confess there were not many people at that time, so nobody noticed that, but I usually dress not to impress people around, but to enjoy myself.

What is your experience?

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 33. Fetish and bondage New Year

Nana To Kaoru v05 ch37 16 Fetish and bondage art. Manga See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Indeed, how are you going to celebrate the New Year? I mean what are you going to wear? Fetish clothes, bondage attributes? Or possibly tightly bound and gagged?

I remember we (me and my wife) almost missed one New Year while walking around in swimsuits, shiny pantyhose and high-heels ;-)

Then (last year?) I was late because of the bloody zip in my leotard. My son promptly noticed – “Hey, you’re late because you were pulling the swimsuit up?” I answered “No”. Because it was not the pulling the suit up what caused the delay, but the zip!!! ;)

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Yeah, that outfit from 2010 was fun ;-)

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 10. Inner bondage and finding a partner

See all chapters and related articles here.

Another point – having the “right” partner is crucial. It’s never an easy task, but what makes it more difficult is a couple of added ingredients: fetish and bondage.

“How do I tell her/him that I like … ?” When I was a kid I thought that I was a hopeless pervert. Hey, who can call a person normal if he likes to be tied and gagged in pantyhose and swimsuit? I could not imagine that I would ever tell that to anybody! But now quite a few people know about my “little secrets” and I suppose they do not think of me as of a danger to the society ;-)

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“Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part III

See all parts.

Let’s go through the basics one more time, but now with photos and layouts. As I said in the general advices I would greatly recommend to place the clothes and toys on a bed exactly how they will be applied.

Quick reference:

See 9 photos with description below.

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Medium term office self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea

You have to stay in your office (most likely home office) for several hours and do some work (or learn). You have to complete this work today, but you always get distracted.

The solution is – self-bondage! Limit you ability to move, eat, talk, listen, touch yourself and do your chores! After 3-4-5 hours, or to be more precise when the ice-lock decides that it’s enough, you will be released. Also a good method to loose weight if you have tendency to munch on something while working/studying.

So, these are the requirements:

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Short self-bondage scenarios. Part III. Stretching and splits

I wish I could do splits… Whatever I tried, I’m still no closer than when I started. Probably I haven’t tried hard enough? How much time a day do you have to spend on stretching? What about one or two 15-20min self-bondage sessions?

The idea is to pull the ankles in the opposite directions:

  • You need two fixing points (able to support at least 30kg), 2,5 and more meters apart and at about the floor level.
  • Prepare one or two ice-locks
  • Also, you will need two ankle cuffs, one Special Ring Device, lots of rope, a wrist loop, a cinch noose and a knife
  • Dress up in something tight but stretchy.
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Short self-bondage scenarios. Part II. Stretching and semi-suspension

The idea to combine stretching and self-bondage came to my mind since I started my deep-throat training. Basically, the stretching is staying in almost the same position and at constant tension for 10-15min several times a day. Why not to add some bondage elements to this boring but very necessary activity and spice it up a bit?

Do you have problems with zipping up your swimsuits, leotards, catsuits or zentai suits if the zip is located on your back? Or probably you would want to bring your bound arms close to the back of your neck (e.g. to be able to achieve the reverse prayer position, see the photo below)? The answer to both is stretching. And here’s a simple scenario how to achieve this.
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Another huge Simon O sale on eBay!

transparent latex pantyhose tights with back seamsUpdated on Mar 21 @ 17:00: New latex collection on eBay.. Mostly black latex this time. But check out the thin transparent chlorinated (!) latex catsuit. Your size?

Updated on Dec 13, 2010 @ 02:21:Check the eBay store again! There is something new. For example: a transparent latex full-enclosure “zentai” suit, latex pantyhose for men and catsuits.

Updated on Sep 02 @ 02:42: See some new stuff, like transparent latex briefs, silver catsuits, etc. I wish they were my size …

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