Fetish night dreams and auto-fellatio. Part I

I see this quite often in my dreams. I can easily deep-throat my own cock. It feels so easy and natural. The only problem – the most sensitive area is located on the other side from my tongue. Just like in the real life.

Have you ever tried auto-fellatio? Having a big dick generally helps, but still you need to be very flexible. Moreover, when you bend down your cock significantly shortens.

I could do this when I was 14-16 yo. I was thin, flexible and very curious. Of course, I could not kiss my beloved penis from the first attempt. It took me days of training, but I succeeded. The most exotic place where I enjoyed self-sucking was in the dunes on the shore. I did not own any fetish clothes at that time, even no pantyhose, and could only dream about one-piece swimsuits (let alone latex…). So the only extra item what accompanied me was a bike steering bar handle used as a butt-plug.

Pity there was no one around to make a photo of me. I would like to havea look at it now 😀 And no, unlike my dreams it was neither easy, nor very enjoyable. Yet very kinky and arousing.

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7 thoughts on “Fetish night dreams and auto-fellatio. Part I”

  1. I did manage this once when I was about 16 and considerably more flexible. Even then I had to lay on my back with my legs over my head and feet under the bed to force my cock into my mouth. It was a great feeling …both the giving and the receiving… and one that I’ve never been able to repeat. I could only manage the first 2″ but remember the taste and the smoothness now. I wish I’d swallowed but I remember spitting it out… the difference between love and lust don’t they say? ;o)

  2. I’ve gotten close but never really been able to. Its a matter of flexibility and my lack thereof.

  3. I confess that this is a deeply erotic area for me – especially when I imagine it combined with self-bondage as a ‘risk’ or ‘penalty’ for cumming.

    Without the flexibility (or a unfeasibly long cock!) my solution has been to use a pipe to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. The pipe should fit tightly around your erect cock, creating a suitable ‘seal’ and be long enough to reach well inside your mouth when you are positioned correctly.

    Because of the seal you can ‘suck’ yourself quite nicely (if desired) and when set up correctly you will be unable to stop a good dose of cum should you orgasm whilst bound.


  4. Madjack ” wrote:

    I confess that this is a deeply erotic area for me

    Interestingly enough, according to many anonymous forums/”chans”, it’s quite a common fantasy. I did not expect, that so many boys/men (mostly boys, because they are more flexible) tried that (and succeeded).

  5. I’m looking at Yoga in a new light now! Maybe I’ll take it up ..so I can take it in (so to speak!) ;o) I’m sure even us oldies can “re-learn” flexibility with time.

  6. I would love to be able to suck my own cock. But as others said, I would need a pretty long penis to get even close. On the up or down side, a long penis (12 inches or so) could create some problems. The first problem that comes to mind is that you may have a hard time explaning why your leg is up like that or why you’re hopping on one leg.

    On the other hand, women might like a 12 inch+ cock where as others would freak at the size that it grew to.

    I knew a girl that has a tonge like that of a dog. She could wrap it around a cock twice. The only thing I was thinking about when I saw that tonge was “I wonder what that thing would feel like shaking down inside my shaft or down my mouth.

    The movie ALIEN now comes to mind.

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