Short self-bondage scenarios. Part II. Stretching and semi-suspension

The idea to combine stretching and self-bondage came to my mind since I started my deep-throat training. Basically, the stretching is staying in almost the same position and at constant tension for 10-15min several times a day. Why not to add some bondage elements to this boring but very necessary activity and spice it up a bit?

Do you have problems with zipping up your swimsuits, leotards, catsuits or zentai suits if the zip is located on your back? Or probably you would want to bring your bound arms close to the back of your neck (e.g. to be able to achieve the reverse prayer position, see the photo below)? The answer to both is stretching. And here’s a simple scenario how to achieve this.

  • Find a place where you can tie a rope so at least half of your weight can be supported
  • The most difficult step: carefully measure the height at which your bound wrists (behind your back, of course) will be located if you stand on tiptoes.

    The maximum you can reach without help. Your shoulders must not dislocate and you should not pull any muscles if after some stretching you stand on your heels. But standing on your heels should be painful, so you would prefer keep “bouncing” up&down to distribute the pain between your shoulders and calves.

  • The supporting rope will be tied to a ice based time lock at one end (see, for example, this lock) and will have a cinch noose at the other end.
  • Dress accordingly and add some funny toys (think of butt-plugs, dildos, gags, blindfolds)
  • Add karada, crotch rope or any other rope harnesses, if you have time
  • Prepare a wrist coil
  • Put a knife not to far from you, so you can reach it with your bound arms
  • Do not bind your legs!
  • Stand on a stool, cinch your wrists together using the prepared wrist coil and the cinch noose from the rope dangling from the ceiling (through the time lock)
  • Carefully step down and push away the stool
  • Enjoy the bondage, gradually stretch your muscles
  • When the ice-lock releases you, find the knife and cut through the rope

Or, if you are brace enough, you can use the photo posted by Mallory Fox (Google+)

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  1. Loving that picture! This is just the thing for my schoolgirl uniform fetish.

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