State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VIII. Rocker with a surprise and selfbondage scenarios

Monkey-Rocker-fucking-machine-01“OK, I’m bound, now what?”. Several threads and posts were dedicated to this subject. What to do when you are (self-)bound? How to entertain yourself? How to add random events to simulate a bondage partner? Or another question: How to make learning more entertaining?

This rocker can help you to stay “involved”. Keep clicking on the featured photo below, the animated GIF will show you how this thing works. One of the advantages is no electricity required to make it move. You can move or stop at any time, what makes this design safer than motor-driven fucking machines.

Now use your imagination. Some quick ideas:

Legs bound/chained to the rocker (to the front or to the rear part), arms bound behind the back and pulled up to an ice-lock placed high up and out of reach. The idea is to make your position unstable, so you have to constantly shift your weight back and forth.

Legs are spread and bound to the lower part of your desk. Arms bound behind your back (and possibly to the rocker). You have to read a book (placed on the desk) or something from the screen. The only method to turn pages or to type on the keyboard is a pencil inserted in your gag. so you have to pull yourself forward to reach the book or the keyboard. The ice locks can be placed between the leg-cuffs and the stationary object.

You are bound face down on the rocker (or rockers). When you move the dildo deep-throats you. But to free yourself you have to reach to the rope in front of you and to blindly undo all knots. So the more time you can stay deepthroated, the more time you have to untie a knot.

Any other ideas?

One thought on “State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Part VIII. Rocker with a surprise and selfbondage scenarios”

  1. A microswitch at each end of the rocker travel, if the switches are not activated in a given time then a shock is administered, If the time between the switches activation could be automatically adjusted then different scenarios could be programmed

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