Short self-bondage scenarios. Part III. Stretching and splits

I wish I could do splits… Whatever I tried, I’m still no closer than when I started. Probably I haven’t tried hard enough? How much time a day do you have to spend on stretching? What about one or two 15-20min self-bondage sessions?

The idea is to pull the ankles in the opposite directions:

  • You need two fixing points (able to support at least 30kg), 2,5 and more meters apart and at about the floor level.
  • Prepare one or two ice-locks
  • Also, you will need two ankle cuffs, one Special Ring Device, lots of rope, a wrist loop, a cinch noose and a knife
  • Dress up in something tight but stretchy.
  • Put on the ankle cuffs
  • Do not forget the usual “bonuses” (plugs, gags, blindfolds, vibrators, etc.)
  • You may want to warm up a bit.
  • Sit on the floor (think of a a carpet or something warm under your butt and back). Tie down one ankle (an ankle cuff) to one fixing point through an ice-padlock.
  • Tie the another ankle to the second fixing point through the Special Ring Device (you may also want to use one more ice-padlock for safety reasons). Pull the rope through the SRD so your legs are spread wide now. Do not pull it too tight!
  • While your arms are not bound (yet) try to lay down on you back. Be careful! When you sit down you can spread your legs wider, than when you lay on your back. Now you know what to expect if you pull the SRD rope tighter.
  • Tie down the pull end of the wrist cinch noose to one of the leg cuffs, a crotch rope, or your waist. Make the it short enough, you should be able to cinch the wrist loop behind your back.
  • Place the SRD pull rope within your reach and bind your wrists behind your back (see above)
  • Take the SRD pull rope in your hand and lay down on your back. If you think that there is not enough strain, or your muscles relaxed enough, pull the SRD rope to widen your legs a bit more.
  • When the ice-padlocks release your legs, get to the knife and cut through the wrist ropes.

I dud a “dry-run” without any bondage at all – just tied one ankle to our bed, the rope from the other ankles brought around the stair pole and pulled on the second rope. It does work. Two major problem are overestimation of your own abilities and sharp movements. Please do not end up with pulled muscles or twisted joints. Slowly, step by step towards your goal, which is the ability to do splits, of course 😉

Again, I would suggest to use two ice-locks – one for each leg, otherwise it may be difficult )or impossible) to get to the knife.

A vibrator (or vibrators) may help to switch your attention to other parts of your body, and relax the muscles you are stretching.


Lay down on your front instead your back.

If you prefer to be bound like on the photo – you will need three ice-locks (the third is for the arms – between the wrist loops and the 3d fixing point).

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