Medium term office self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea

You have to stay in your office (most likely home office) for several hours and do some work (or learn). You have to complete this work today, but you always get distracted.

The solution is – self-bondage! Limit you ability to move, eat, talk, listen, touch yourself and do your chores! After 3-4-5 hours, or to be more precise when the ice-lock decides that it’s enough, you will be released. Also a good method to loose weight if you have tendency to munch on something while working/studying.

So, these are the requirements:

  • Inescapable self-bondage with a timer
  • Time limit is several hours
  • The bondage must not be too tight, otherwise it will not be possible to do any work after 30min or something
  • You must be able to do your work. For example, eyes are open, arms/hands are free enough to type, write or turn pages, some freedom to reach other devices or books.
  • All orifices must be filled with dildos, plugs, gags (unless you have to speak on the phone).
  • Chastity belts are very welcome
  • Fetish clothes is a must! Latex, zentai, pantyhose encasement, ridiculously high heels
  • Everything must be locked (plugs, gags, high heels, gloves, hoods, etc.) with the keys out of reach. See also, Lockable clothes

Post your ideas here or in the Medium term office self-bondage scenarios forum thread.

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