Transparent latex and bubbles

transparent latex pantyhose and latex swimsuitWhat are the ultimate shiny sheer pantyhose? Yes, the transparent latex ones. But the latter brings (apart from the price, etc) one big problem – air bubbles. Have you ever tried to squeeze out the bubbles from underneath of thin transparent latex? I have… It took me about an hour and I failed miserably.

Have a look at this post. The Rolatex photo shows NO bubbles, while the photo made by Simon O features “The Unsqueezables”. Did Rolatex use Photoshop to remove the air?

OK, let’s have a look at the following three photos:

The first one shows the expected. Bubbles everywhere. But check out Aurora’s photos (see also this post and this one).

No bubbles. I think the secret is “normal” nylon/lycra pantyhose worn under the latex ones. There should not be any air, because normal pantyhose would provide the air path. I haven’t tried that by myself (my transparent stockings went back to the manufacturer). I asked Aurora on her website but as always she did not answer. Probably you can try (both 😉 and let us know?

Also, I noticed that the thinner the latex, the more bubbles and the more difficult to remove them.


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  1. Silicone? Hm, I stopped using silicone after I tried J-Lube. J-Lube is much more slippery, but OTOH silicone is more adhesive.

    Patience, yeah, ok, this is something I do not have ;-D

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