Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Contemporary pin-up or black&white vs colour

high-heels-12When I found this photo I was going to publish it with a remark, that this girl definitely looks happier (see It’s all about eyes, isn’t it?). Besides it’s just a great contemporary pin-up image with a beautiful girl in high-heels and a hint of pantyhose.

But then I’ve found another photo (see below). What do you think? ;)

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It’s all about eyes, isn’t it?

eye-makeup-fetish-21Tell me, what did you notice first? Eyes, lips, hair, absence of pantyhose or anything else? Fetishes differ, don’t they? ;)

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Erection of the day. Naughty beauty and condom

condom-girl-01So simple, so powerful, so naughty, so pervy. Love it…

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 40. Beauty, fetishism and psychological types

Nana to Kaoru v06 c44 - 004See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Beauty… Everybody defines beauty on his or her own way (tastes differ, don’t they?) and everybody behaves differently when they see a beauty. There are 16 psychological types after all, so we have 16 types of different reactions and 16 types of different expectations.

For example, when my daughter dresses to impress, she does not expect “WOW!!!! COOOOL!!!” from her boyfriend (like what I would absolutely frankly and sincerely say with big eyes), she can tell if he likes her outfit by subtle reactions and barely noticeable mimics. But for some that would not be enough, because they expect an explosion of compliments.

And then we have a group who would stand petrified or keep a distance with fear in their eyes, because they think that they do not deserve such a treasure. I bet for some types this behaviour will be the highest prise, and for some an utter disappointment. Go figure…

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What is your philia? Part II Beauty as a fetish. Omorphophilia?
Beauty. Is it a fetish or a mind-state-changer?

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What is your philia? Part II Beauty as a fetish. Omorphophilia?

“Beautiful girls” can be a fetish by itself, can’t it? If fetish is something what excites us regardless the content, can’t the pure beauty also belong to that philia-list?

And the name will be… Let’s see… Beauty is ομορφιά in Greek. Beautiful is όμορφο. Let’s call it omorphophilia!

And here’s an example of a girl I personally find beautiful. But unfortunately she does not exist in reality. Yes, it’s an existing lady, her name is Tori Tracy, she’s a model, and, yes, she’s beautiful, but … different from “my beauty fetish”. The photo is an effort of a stylist, a lightning assistant (Shelby Tilts), a photographer and a post-processor-photoshopper (Julia Kuzmenko McKim).

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Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Shakira, etc make-up tutorial

While I was looking for Katy Perry‘s Grammy performance video I stumbled upon Masquerade Makeup YouTube channel. It;s adsolutely amazing how already beautiful without any cosmetics Aria (the channel owner) transforms herself step-by step into Katy, lady Gaga, Shakira, Megan Fox, Jessie J, Beyoncé and other celebrities I’ve never heard of.

I’m not a big fan of make-up (I was “painted” a couple if times when I was 15 and 23, but it was such a pain to remove all that stuff with cold water!), but I bet there are some out there who might find Aria’s tutorials useful, informative or at least entertaining.

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Art of glossy pantyhose. A new project?

Looks like Alexander Zhuravlev has started a new project. The subject is the same, though: shiny pantyhose and beautiful girls.

Which one from the 6 is your favourite? Just curious (tastes differ). Mine is Andrea (the featured one). It’s amazing how almost invisible piece of shiny fabric can change the whole impression…

See 6 hi-rez photos below.

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What can make you squirm?

Russian girl in pantyhose“Beautiful girl, long hair, very short skirt, thin sheer black pantyhose, heels, hey what are you complaining about?”

If you are about to ask me that question, I bet you have never worn “thin sheer pantyhose”.  Look closely. She’s sitting on a rough wooden with splinters surface of the bench. Her pantyhose (not protected with the mini skirt) are already ruined! Snagged! Scratched! Torn! Whatever!!!

Oh my… What an awful picture… I’m off crying…