Condom clothes. Part III. Full-body condom and (self-)bondage ideas

full-body condom latex dressThanks to Stucklord’s tip I have found “a live version” of one of my dreams – full-body condom (see the manga drawing in Condom clothes and condom dreams article):

This is an all-in-one rubber sheath dress with an attached re-breather hood. The dress is tight fitting from the neck down to the ankles. The re-breather hood is fitted around the head with a loose front section with breathing hole. For obvious safety reasons you will need help getting in and out of this sheath as it is tight.

“You will need help…” Help? The “dress” does not look tight at all. But I see two possible issues:
When the latex is hanging loose it is, indeed, not tight. But as soon you gather it to pull up it will get “stronger and stronger”, and as close to the shoulders the more unstretchable the thick bundle will become (I have a very tight latex mini dress, so I know that from my own experience).

The second issue is the created vacuum. You can see the effect even on the photos below.

So, if you want to roll it up – the condom will resist. If you want to “slide” it up (if the surface inside is still lubricated, the vacuum and the tightness will not allow you to escape easily. And you have to breath somehow.

So, as it’s supposed to be with self-bondage, getting in is relatively easier than getting out. Moreover, if you want more restriction, you can choose the a smaller size.

About the colour. The sheath is available in black, transparent, red, transparent black, clinical red, transparent purple, transparent blue, glass clear transparent, transparent olive green. For me the less interesting is “transparent olive green”, I think I know what it looks like, because I once made a mistake ordering latex pantyhose with a piss condom made out of this rubber. Never again.

The black version resembles a burqa. The most interesting is “glass clear transparent” (it’s a condom after all!). The person inside will be clearly visible, but will not be able to see much outside (see related links below).

And finally some ideas on how to use this outfit.

  • As a sleeping bag
  • Usual selfbondage. But to grab a knife and cut through the wrist rope, you will have to pull the dress up, what is very difficult with arms bound behind the back.
  • You can wear high heels.
  • If you can see through the latex: add a gag (under “the hood”), a lockable collar (over the latex condom), lockable chastity devices, plugs and use it as you usual home clothes. Let’s see what you will be able to do.
  • It would be very interesting to see combination of this suit and suck-pants (Pants with hood (suckpants) and bondage dreams. Something you absolutely can’t do alone). Plus bound arms (Japanese square style), collar and enema.

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6 thoughts on “Condom clothes. Part III. Full-body condom and (self-)bondage ideas”

  1. Must be pretty amazing inside, especially since the head is in an extra compartment because of the tight neck. I have a latex sleeping bag and I think, the getting out won’t be too hard. You only have to work the material over the torso, then slip out in one move. What’s harder is the price…

  2. forgot to mention: The latex sleeping bag is wet inside, when I leave it, and there is hardly any friction between latex and skin then.

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