Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part VIII
Swimsuit self-bondage in the shower

selfbondage in swimsuit and pantyhoseThis is the last part from this set. But if you want some close-ups or particular images in higher resolution, just let me know. See previous parts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII and the cycling shorts single-glove tutorial.

I did not have any particular plans for selfbondage, I was just going to play in a shower and make a simple photo session in the shower. Swimsuits, latex hoods and pantyhose encasement. So I did not bring ropes or cuffs, and following the sudden change of the mood had to improvize.

Let’s recap. Shiny pantyhose on legs and arms, black fishnets (Oroblu “Tricot”), Speedo water-polo swimsuit, condom hood, rubber gag, lycra cycle shorts worn as a single-glove.

32 photos below.

For some reason, the photo camera/laptop stopped auto-shooting. Exactly when the most interesting things began to happen. But you would not see them anyway, because they happened inside the bathtub, hidden from the view by the walls. Let’s have a look at the details first.

My hands were trapped very comfortably behind my back (Japanese/box style) by the lycra shorts (between two swimsuits). I was gagged by a latex penis gag inserted in the mouth condom built into the latex hood. Unlike my previous experience with this hood, this time the gag felt very comfortably. Probably because I used lots of J-Lube, so the gag did not pull the whole hood in my mouth blocking my breath.

Then, I laid in the bathtub down on my stomach, so the tub walls pressed my elbows together, thus making the single-glove box tie even more restrictive than it was before. The warm water from the shower was pouring on my back and the hood (the drain hole was completely open, of course).

The position was simultaneously very comfortable, very restrictive yet very protective and very pleasant, so I almost fell into a strange semisleepy, semimedidative state. I don’t know how much time had passed before I “gathered myself” from my semiliquid condition and managed to get out of the tub (to proceed to the next self-bondage session).

3 thoughts on “Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part VIII
Swimsuit self-bondage in the shower”

  1. Always so good and inspiring – another brilliant session from Ra!

    I love the single-glove use for those shorts!


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