Bound in the bathtub art. Updated

Updated: Apr 28 @ 02:00

Added more drawings (Thanks to TTD. Also see the forum thread). One by Masakazu Shimizu)

Posted on Nov 15 @ 1:54

During my childhood I used to bind myself in the bathtub. Just in case, I hid all the tools, ropes, pantyhose from the clothes-line under bath foam. Probably that’s why I developed a strong fetish for being bound in the bathtub. (Also see “Self-bondage and children” forum thread).

Anyway, I started looking for pictures showing “bathtub bondage”, but to my surprise I could find only a few (see below).

If you are happen to have such pictures, please do not hesitate to share with us in this forum thread.

6 thoughts on “Bound in the bathtub art. Updated”

  1. Incredible!!! Drawing n°4 is mine!!! 😀
    Yes, not very much pictures around with “Bathtub and Bondage” matter…
    Happy to see someone else share same idea 🙂

    Just for curiosity: where did you find my picture?

  2. Denny wrote:

    Drawing n°4 is mine!!

    Funny indeed 😉

    Denny wrote:

    Just for curiosity: where did you find my picture?

    On one of the “chan”‘s – picture boards.

    BTW, do you have more (yours or not yours) similar drawings? While the subject seems obvious, the related materials are very rare. Very strange.

  3. Not very much… they are more or less the same you have already posted.

    I can give you first the author of picture n°2 (he made some other drawings about bondage and bathtub, not many, but very interesting):

    About me, I stopped drawing, now I’m more interested in photography… I have made some photos about this matter, but it is difficult to find models interesting in this kind of pictures, so they are very few…An example can be find here on my site:

    Finally, I wrote a story some years ago specifically about bondage and bathtub and many people told me it really amazing…
    If interested, the story is here:

    Btw, my compliment for your site, full of great information and idea 🙂

  4. Pic #6 is awesome.
    Wonder how she got in such a predicament.

    Do you have any clue about the story this pic comes from ?

    I just can’t wait to read the whole thing

  5. …So, she’s playing a video game in a bathtub, with her hands cuffed behind her?

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