Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part I

A man in swimsuit, shiny pantyhose on arms and legs and latex hood in the showerThat was the last night before traveling back home. I left the office a bit earlier and headed to the frozen lake to get some snow and ice for the time-locks (see this post). My original plan to swim in pantyhose and swimsuit failed because it was too late and the swimming pool was about to be closed.

OK, I thought to myself, the swimming pool has some disadvantages like cold water, people (I could chicken out again) and I could not make photos while swimming to prove that I was indeed wearing swimsuit! (pantyhose will not be visible anyway 😉

The decision was quite simple – bathroom & shower! I pulled on Kruidvat shiny pantyhose on my legs and arms, water-polo swimsuit and latex hood, set up the photocamera and jumped into the bath!

9 thoughts on “Business trip. Night 4. Playing in the bathroom. Part I”

  1. Hi Ra!

    All very good, but… what happened to the ice and snow? :-))

    Like the water-polo swimsuit, but I am puzzled about one thing: If you shower in your clothes would you change into ‘fresh’ fetish wear before your planned session or do you like it ‘wet’? :-()

    I know that I couldn’t get dressed like that and not get down to some serious self-bondage – wet or not! (the hotel staff might be upset by a wet sheet or two, but I’m paying them enough!)


  2. It was a long night, I went through a pile of different clothes and I made ~4GB of photos. The 6 pics was just the beginning.

    At that time the ice was outside of the room, on the balcony 😉

  3. Busy, busy!

    4GB of photos?! That is a lot, even at a high resolution/quality.

    …and all the time the ice was waiting.. do tell more!

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